Max Verstappen insists there is no ‘panic’ at the Red Bull over the 2026 regulations

Red Bull has proved the most dominant team under the current set of F1 regulations.

Max Verstappen insists there is no ‘panic’ at the Red Bull over the 2026 regulations

Christian Horner and Max Verstappen (Via: Imago)

F1 will adopt new power unit rules in 2026, eliminating the MGU-H system and prioritizing MGU-K electric power. The V6 turbocharged engine will use sustainable fuels split 50/50 between electrical power and internal combustion. Ahead of the F1 regulations changes, Max Verstappen feels everything is going on as per schedule at Red Bull.


In 2026 Red Bull will fully switch to the engines made under the RedBull Powertrains Hallmark. This is a radical change for the team as Red Bull has relied on Honda for many years for their engines. Considering this prospect, many are wondering as to where the Milton-Keynes-based team is in terms of developing its new-reg challenger.

Max Verstappen recently took the time to shed light on the work that has been going on at Red Bull around 2026.

Of course, I am in close contact with Christian about that and the people working there. Everyone's working flat out, so there is no need to panic about that. It's still not 2026.
Max Verstappen told: Motorsport

Switching to Red Bull Powertrain for the power units in itself is a big move for the team. The team principal, Christian Horner, has called it the biggest challenge he has ever seen in 20 years of his time with the team. Given that many teams have built their own power units before and with Audi’s arrival just around the corner, the task becomes even more challenging.


Max Verstappen wishes to be surrounded by the right people

Red Bull is going through internal turmoil, which has negatively affected the team. Within a year, two key figures for Max Verstappen have parted ways with the team. Last year, his trainer Bradley Scanes left the team, and the chief mechanic, Lee Stevenson, who was part of the team for the past 18 years, decided to part his ways with the team.

Adrian Newey and Max Verstappen
Adrian Newey and Max Verstappen (Via: Imago)

Amidst all the chaos, Aston Martin has made an exceptional offer to Adrian Newey, the chief technology officer of Red Bull to design for them.

Of course, it's always about being able to keep the right people for as long as possible. That's a constant battle because, of course, other teams want to pull that, which is normal. That happens with the other top teams as well. Ultimately, you shouldn't try to retain someone if they don't want to be there - that has to be a natural relationship.
Max Verstappen via :

The Dutchman had found himself in the middle of such speculations due to the ongoing Red Bull saga. The speculations started due to the internal politics, and the controversy surrounding the team principal. Verstappen, however, has made it clear that he will stay with Red Bull until the end of his contract.

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