Michael Schumacher’s family lawyer sheds light on why they are extremely protective of the F1 legend’s privacy

Michael Schuamcher has been in a medically induced coma since 2013.

Michael Schumacher’s family lawyer sheds light on why they are extremely protective of the F1 legend’s privacy

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher, the former 7-time F1 world champion, had a skiing accident in December 2013 and has since been kept in a medically induced coma. Several months after his incident, he was moved to the Schumacher family’s Lake Geneva home, where his care is to date taking place.

Other than this, nothing substantial is known about his health status. Michael Schumacher’s family has been extremely protective of his health privacy from the beginning, and their lawyer, Felix Damm, has recently come forward and shed light on why this has been the case.


While shedding light on it in detail, he pointed out that the family is always concerned about keeping the privacy of the ex-F1 world champion. He also confirmed that they had plans to release reports about Schumacher’s health condition but decided to go against it because of the need to update it consistently.

It was always about protecting private things. Of course, we discussed a lot about how this is possible. So we also considered whether a final report about Michael’s health could be the right way to do this. But that wouldn’t have been the end of it and there would have had to be constantly updated ‘water level reports

Felix Damn said, as reported by Mirror.

Michael Schumacher has an ocean of fans praying for him

While Michael Schumacher’s family wants to keep matters extremely private around his health status, this is completely understandable from their point of view. The Formula 1 legend has a huge fanbase worldwide who have been praying for his speedy recovery since his unfortunate incident.

Michael Schumacher (Credits: MARCA)
Michael Schumacher (Credits: MARCA)

Schumacher is one of the best drivers to have ever competed at the pinnacle of motor racing. His impact on the sport can be understood from the fact that he is the joint record holder alongside Lewis Hamilton regarding the number of world championship triumphs. Both jointly hold the record with seven each.


Michael Schumacher’s family wants complete privacy over his health status, and their decision should be respected. If they ever feel like sharing it with the world, they will come forward themselves, and until that point in time, things should be allowed to function as they have till now.

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