“Motor racing is huge in South Africa,” Brad Binder excited to see Kyalami back on the F1 calendar

“Motor racing is huge in South Africa,” Brad Binder excited to see Kyalami back on the F1 calendar

Brad Binder

Brad Binder, a Moto GP racer, came out to speak about South African GP rumoured to be a part of Formula 1 in the coming years. Brad Binder was in Kyalami for a Red Bull promotion where he kept his views for a possible return of Kyalami in the motorsport journey. It was a part of Formula 1 30 years ago and is in plans to come back in 2023 after F1 CEO openly showed his interest in the return.


Brad was excited with the reports of the return and also mentioned his hopes for a Moto GP race to be conducted in a few years’ time as well. He appreciated the African fans for their support of motorsport and was definitely interested to witness the contract happening. As of now, there is no official report for the return of Kyalami.

“I believe it isn’t a done deal yet. But once it is finalised, I will definitely be here. It will be incredible for the country. And further than that, for Kyalami itself and the whole of the racing community. Motor racing is huge in South Africa, ” said Brad Binder.

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Brad Binder is optimistic about a Moto GP race in South Africa as well

south african gp
South African circuit.

Brad Binder is a Moto GP racer, with Formula 1 entering South Africa it could open the gates for Moto GP as well in the future and Brad very much is excited about this possibility.

“It is something I am really pushing hard for. I would love to have a home at Grand Prix. It is something I really look forward to and is something I believe will happen in future. The track is really amazing,” said Brad.

Brad Binder races for Ktm Factory Racing in MotoGP and grabbed a 2nd place finish in the season opener happening in Qatar. After that, he failed to finish in the top 5, since, except for the last race before the summer break where he crossed the line for the top 5. He is currently 6th in the championship standings with 93 points to his name.

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