“NASCAR is just non-stop left turns,” Fans find F1 interesting as compared to popular American sport

Formula One enthusiasts believe that NASCAR is boring because the drivers only have to go left.

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NASCAR has been around for a long time but so has Formula One and today the latter is more appreciated by the fans as compared to the American sport.

While NASCAR supports high-speed racing, the criticism that it has received in recent years has been because of having only left turns which makes it boring to watch.

In Formula One each track is massively different and does pose tests that are tricky. Every circuit in F1 has its own set of challenges whereas in NASCAR the circuits are the same.

NASCAR is an American sport, but in recent years, it has fallen behind Formula One in terms of fans engagement, today motorsports enthusiasts prefer to watch F1 over NASCAR, and one of the reasons behind their decision is the fact that NASCAR has the same circuit no matter where the race takes place.

The new generation of fans prefer nonstop action and this is where NASCAR after a certain point becomes boring to watch. It is hard for people to watch cars going around circuits that only have left turns and nothing else.

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Formula One on the other hand has been on the upward trajectory in terms of popularity in recent years and it has been down to the different track layouts that F1 drivers have to adjust to in different conditions. This is what makes F1 exciting to watch.

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NASCAR fans believe it is more competitive in comparison to F1


While Formula One fans deem NASCAR as a boring class of racing, the people who are ardent followers of the American sport feel that F1 is less competitive compared to NASCAR.

Competition is what forces the drivers to perform at their absolute best and this is present in ample amounts in both classes of racing.

NASCAR fans on one hand admit that F1 is good but on the other, they feel the level of competition in the American sport is much greater as compared to F1.

The fans are bound to support the racing class which they follow and while both classes have their advantages and disadvantages, fans’ war regarding which series is better is something that is bound to stay as long as the respective sport is in existence.

As people are throwing out their opinions left and right, which sport according to you is better between F1 and NASCAR?

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