“They had something going on between themselves” NASCAR Spotter reveals highly private incident between Michael Jordan and Bubba Wallace

NASCAR spotter reveals that GOAT Michael Jordan and 23XI Racing's Bubba Wallace had a private argument

Michael Jordan has always had a dominant character throughout his entire career. Even now, he would often find competition in the smallest matters being a businessman. MJ never liked to be behind anybody and always thought of himself as the best out there.

Michael Jordan famous Shrugg
Michael Jordan

The former Chicago Bulls legend had an insane career that dropped jaws. He won several accolades including six NBA titles, five league MVPs and numerous All-NBA selections. After averaging a career 30.1 points, MJ ranks as the greatest of all time in the opinions of many.

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Michael Jordan had a scuffle with Bubba Wallace according to NASCAR spotter

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan eventually turned into a billionaire businessman who also owns the Charlotte Hornets. Besides owing an NBA team, he also finds his interests in several other sports including NASCAR. He owns 23XI Racing which is an organisation that competes in the NASCAR World Cup Series.

NASCAR spotter Brett Griffin reveals that MJ had “Something going on” with driver Bubba Wallace. He tweeted saying, “There was this one time when @BubbaWallace came on and there was something going on with him and Michael Jordan and Freddie knew but I didn’t. But had heard rumblings and asked Bubba about it. And @FreddieKraft about sh*t.” It is still unclear of what went down between both parties.

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Bubba Wallace potentially out of the NASCAR Playoffs

Bubba Wallace
Bubba Wallace

Wallace has been making tremendous efforts to provide success to his organisation. The NASCAR Playoffs are not too far away from now and the 23XI driver has four races left to try sneaking his way into playoff qualification. Despite having a record among the top 10 in the last three races, it is not enough for contention.

This may have been the issue between the owner and racer. Michael Jordan never likes to find himself among the losing bets. His career is a testament to his victory driven nature. As for Bubba, his effort would have reach new heights to emerge victorious.

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