“Never got into a rhythm,” Carlos Sainz explains his struggles at the Singapore GP

Carlos Sainz managed a P3 after struggling throughout the race under the night sky of Singapore though he later gained the confidence to get a step on the podium.

Carlos Sainz F1
Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz backed another podium after a decent qualifying session yesterday at Singapore GP. Carlos managed a P3 finish after a very dramatic race throughout the 61 laps. Sainz had to fight for his life with Lewis Hamilton and later Lando Norris trying to grab the final place for the podium. Ultimately Carlos did manage a brilliant push to P3 but had a struggling race under the night sky of Singapore.

Sainz had a good start to his race when he managed to dive ahead of Lewis Hamilton. But as the race progressed, Carlos struggled with his pace in wet conditions. Interns didn’t really suit Sainz’s package this week. Carlos dropped out of so much pace, even Lando Norris’ McLaren managed to put out laps much faster than Carlos. Though Sainz managed a good pace by the end of the race when the track got dry, he anyway struggled to get on terms with the top two.

“Never really got into a rhythm in the wet. I couldn’t challenge for the top two guys because I was always struggling a bit more with the rear of the car. So in the end, in these conditions, when you don’t have that extra bit of confidence in the car I had to settle for P3,” said Carlos.

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Carlos Sainz’s positives after the Singapore GP

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz

Carlos talked about losing confidence at the start of the race want quite what he expected. With a start from P4 Carlos managed a P3 in lap 1 but wasn’t on equal terms with Lewis Hamilton fighting for the spot behind him. But as the race progressed Carlos did gain a lot of confidence and that helped him with the P3 finish.

“The good thing is I didn’t do any mistakes, I could bring the car home and be quick towards the end of the race when I managed to build a bit of confidence,” said Carlos according to racingnews365.

“[It’s] crazy how long it takes here to drive, we keep doing laps and you keep looking at the track and the dry line never appears in some places and it [the car] keeps sliding a lot,” conclude Sainz with his views on the Marina bay.

Carlos is just 2 points behind George Russell in the championship table. Though Russell has been driving a much slower Mercedes, Carlos still fails to compete with the young Brit over the course of 17 races. With more than five races to go, Carlos has a chance to fight for the P2 spot.

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