“Not the race we were hoping for,” Zhou Guanyu issues statement after a disappointing race at the Singapore Grand Prix

Zhou Guanyu took to Twitter to express his disappointment following his early retirement at the Singapore GP.

The Singapore Grand Prix was one of the most exciting and dramatic races in the 2022 F1 calendar. The circuit is particularly tricky for drivers and physically and mentally extracts a lot from them during the duration of the race. Zhou Guanyu’s first Singapore Grand Prix was cut short as he was forced to retire early from the race due to a collision with Nicholas Latifi.

Fans were furious on seeing the Alfa Romeo rookie’s first Singapore Grand Prix being cut short by Nicholas Latifi who caused a collision with Guanyu during the early stages of the race. The enraged fans took to Twitter to show their appreciation for Guanyu and to boycott Latifi’s actions.

The fans have also shown their discontent towards Nicholas Latifi for the role he played in Guanyu retiring early from his very first Singapore Grand Prix.

Taking to Twitter, Guanyu wrote: “Not the race we were hoping for yesterday but Singapore you have been amazing!”

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“You’ll come back stronger this week in Japan” – F1 Twitter show their support for Zhou Guanyu

Zhou Guanyu
Zhou Guanyu

Guanyu had to retire early from his first Singapore Grand Prix and fans raged at Nicholas Latifi for being the culprit behind the accident. They took to Twitter to express their discontent with the Canadian driver and his dangerous way of driving.

Guanyu had a short-lived Singapore Grand Prix but looks forward to his future races in F1 and better performance at the next Singapore Grand Prix.

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