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“P*** off’,” Fans rage out as Bridgertone star refuses Martin Brundle for an interview at the Monaco GP

Fans rage out as Martin Brundle is refused for an interview at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Martin Brundle trying to interview Ashley at the Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix saw many celebrities around the paddock, along with Martin Brundle, a former F1 driver, commentator, who is now a paddock reporter, as they are called. Brundle is known for his curiosity and joy when it comes to taking interviews in the paddock; interviews of visitors mostly, and pit-lane reporting. However, a twist of events happened during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, as Martin Brundle went forward to interview the Bridgertone and Sex Education star Simone Ashley.

As Brundle was reporting in the paddock, he went ahead to initiate a conversation with Ashley, she greeted him, but at the same time her guards interfered, making it clear that she did not want to be interviewed. 

Watch: Simone Ashley SNUBS Martin Brundle @ F1 in Monaco FOOTAGE She doesn’t want to do TV say her security

When celebrities usually are present at the paddock, reporters like Martin Brundle himself love to interview them, and it becomes an excitement for fans to see their TV stars talking about the sport and discussing the teams. However, the denial of this interview by Ashley in a rude way by her security left many of the fans furious. 

“She doesn’t want to do any TV?” Brundle asked her security.

“Well, we’re kind of halfway there already.

“It’s so good to see her on the grid. I’m not going to push, but I’d like to have a chat with you. That’s fine, whatever,” PageSix quoted. 

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“P*** off,” fans rage out at Simone Ashley after refusing to Brundle

Patrick Dempsey, Simone Ashley, and Jacob Elordi at the Monaco Grand Prix

Formula 1 fans have a lot of respect for Martin Brundle, the 63 year old former F1 racer. After he was denied an interview even after being asked so politely, the fans took out their rage on Twitter; most of them stating that if you are down at the paddock, giving an interview is something that you should do. Although some people had other opinions, they were respected but at the same time reminded that this was something that was happening live on national TV and the stars should respect the legend a little more. 

The Monaco Grand Prix then proceeded for a 70 minute delay in the start, and ultimately, Sergio Perez took the win in his Red Bull, followed by Carlos Sainz in the Ferrari, and Max Verstappen completed the podium. 

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