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“People get used to winning,” Christian Horner asks Red Bull to stay ‘vigilant’

Christian Horner wants his team to stay sharp and not lose focus ahead of Silverstone GP.

Christian Horner

Christian Horner the Red Bull team Principal ahead of the Silverstone Grand Prix has asked the Red Bull crew to not lose their focus despite them being on top in both the Championships.


Christian Horner believes that their current lead in the Constructors and Drivers Championship could be cut short if they allow the Maranello-based Ferrari team to get back into the Championship. Moreover, Horner feels that Ferrari has a big advantage over them this season.

Red Bull over the years has turned to be a strong unit and today is considered a powerhouse in the sport. The positive shift in the Milton-Keynes-based team took place when Christian Horner and Adrian Newey joined forces to mold the team as per their liking.


The Sebastian Vettel era was the point from where Red Bull really started coming into its own as a team and was able to win 4 back to back titles with Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel.

Horner while assessing Ferrari’s situation this season has said, “It’s easier to be the hunter because you’ve got nothing to lose and you’re throwing everything at it than being the actual hunted.”

"People get used to winning," Christian Horner asks Red Bull to stay 'vigilant' 2

When we went through the winning period of 2010 onwards with Vettel it almost became the fear of failure that drove you forward. People get used to winning.”

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Christian Horner: That was a massive mindset reset

Christian Horner

During 2010-2014 Red Bull was the team to beat in the sport but with the arrival of new regulations, Christian Horner and the energy drink were not able to build a car that could challenge for the title and this led to them becoming a mid-table team.

Horner reminisces that it was a difficult period for the team as before 2014 they were used to fighting with the “big boys” in Formula One. The Brit has admitted that they had to mentally get themselves to accept the situation that they were in during that time. According to him, “That was a massive mindset reset,”

Sergio Perez(on the left) and Max Verstappen(on the right)

However, Red Bull is no longer that kind of a team and as things stand during the current season, they have once again become the team to beat and for them, it is going to be important to keep doing the right going forwards into the season.

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