Pierre Gasly admits Alpine needs a ‘miracle’ to win an F1 race in 2024

Pierre Gasly revealed Alpine's target for 2024.

Pierre Gasly admits Alpine needs a ‘miracle’ to win an F1 race in 2024

Pierre Gasly (Via IMAGO)

Pierre Gasly joined Alpine for the 2023 season after a few seasons at AlphaTauri. The French driver had high ambitions for his first season at Enstone. However, the Renault Works team has failed to match rivals such as McLaren and Aston Martin. Now, Gasly has mentioned that things will remain difficult for the French team next season.


The 27-year-old claimed that Alpine‘s target for 2024 is to win a race. However, Gasly acknowledged that despite the team’s best efforts, it will be a challenging task. So much so, that the Frenchman believed that only a miracle could help the French squad stand on the top step of the podium. As Pierre Gasly believed that the chances remained less for Team Enstone.

I would like to say that we will win again in 2024, it is the clear objective. It is what we are working very hard for. It will be hard and we will need some miracle.

Pierre Gasly told Beyond the Grid (H&T: Soymotor)

However, Gasly remained hopeful of winning a race for Alpine in the future. The French driver aimed to emerge victorious for the French team in 2024. Although the Renault Works team has struggled in recent months. Pierre Gasly’s teammate Esteban Ocon had won the Hungarian GP for the Enstone-based team in 2021. Gasly himself is a race winner, having taken victory at the 2020 Italian GP for AlphaTauri.

It can happen, although the options are quite low. Hopefully we can hear the French anthem with me at the top of the podium next year.

Pierre Gasly wants to fight at the front with Alpine

Alpine has found itself stuck in the midfield. The French team is no match to the likes of Red Bull and McLaren at the front of the grid. However, the Enstone-based team enjoys a sufficient pace advantage compared to teams such as Haas and Alfa Romeo in the pecking order. Gasly made it clear that he wants the team to take the fight at the front of the pack.

Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly
Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly (Via Alpine F1 team)

The 27-year-old wanted to race alongside the top drivers at the top of the pecking order. Gasly pointed out that Enstone has brought several upgrades over the course of the 2023 season. With Alpine looking to start 2024 with an even stronger package to bridge the gap with the top teams.

However, Pierre Gasly admitted that the French team must get the most out of the car in the remaining two rounds of 2023. The Enstone-based team is likely to finish sixth in the Constructors’ standings this season after a rather mediocre campaign on track. Although, it remains to be seen if Gasly could manage to get a good result in the remaining races.

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