Canadian Police Dogs search Red Bull’s garage after Max Verstappen’s victory in Montreal

The Canadian Police searched Red Bull's garage with a sniffer dog following Max Verstappen's victory.

Pictured Ted Kravitz in front of the Red Bull garage
The Canadian Police searched Red Bull's garage with a sniffer dog following Max Verstappen's victory.
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In Canada, Max Verstappen took his sixth victory of the season. Red Bull have now won all of the last 6 races, despite Ferrari looking fairly competitive in all of them, barring perhaps Imola. As for this weekend in particular, while there were times that Ferrari looked on par, Max Verstappen was just supreme.

Verstappen took the victory with Carlos Sainz just behind him. Sainz had been in the DRS range for a long time and was on fresher tires. Despite this, he was unable to even try and make a move on Verstappen. Verstappen was ice cold, with a very mature drive despite what was a fairly high-pressure situation, and reaped the rewards.

While Red Bull’s lead at the top has been cut down from 80 points to 76 points, Max Verstappen has only extended his lead. This is because second-placed Sergio Perez retired during the race, with what was an issue with his RB18’s transmission. Afterward, the Red Bull mechanics were greeted with a strange scene when they returned from celebrating Max Verstappen’s victory: The Canadian Police with a sniffer dog in their garage.

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Ted Kravitz: The timing of the search was unusual

Sky Sports F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz
Sky Sports F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz

As reported by GPBlog, The Red Bull mechanics were delayed from entering their garage due to an ongoing ‘routine’ police search. Sky Sports’ Ted Kravitz, who reported on the search, stated that a police search in an F1 paddock was not unusual by itself, but the timing for the search certainly was. Kravitz said:

“The Red Bull team were not allowed back into the garage after the podium because there was a sniffer dog and a policeman in there.”

Ted Kravitz asked a Red Bull team member if the police had found anything: “Did the policeman and the sniffer dog find anything? Are they still here? No, they’re not still here. Did you see the sniffer dog and the policeman who was in here, you couldn’t go back into the garage?” to which the team member nodded in affirmative.

Kravitz joked about the situation, saying: “Canadian search dogs can clearly detect explosives, drugs, and sickly sweet soft drinks with lots of sugar and caffeine in them. They’re obviously very talented.” While Kravitz reported that it was a routine search, the exact reason for the Canadian police to conduct such a search, at an ‘unusual’ timing is still not clear.

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