Report: Carlos Sainz and Some Other Racers Approach FIA to Bring a Change to Sprint Weekend Format

Ferrari racer Carlos Sainz talks about his stance against the current Sprint weekend because it makes Thursdays and Fridays too hectic for the drivers, taking their focus off the main race.

Carlos Sainz

While many motorsport enthusiasts are not quite excited about the idea of Sprint weekends replacing the conventional Formula 1 weekends that everyone is used to, the FIA recently revealed some viewership statistics which gave testimony to the fact that the F1 Sprint Races have increased the number of audiences watching the sport. Yet, some of the drivers, including Ferrari recruit Carlos Sainz, feel that the format of the Sprint Races has to change.

In a recent interview, Carlos Sainz spoke up against the Sprint weekend schedule that the FIA has currently kept for the 2022 season. In fact, there are talks about six Sprint Races in the next year. But Sainz believes this will make things too hectic for the racers, and they will not be able to give their full efforts in the Main Races on the Sundays.

Carlos Sainz has also given some insider information that some of the drivers are already in talks with the authoritative organizations like FOM (Formula One Management) and FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) to bring a change to the Sprint format that is normally followed.

Carlos Sainz advocates for some change in the Sprint weekend format in Formula 1

Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz
Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz

Ever since 2021, Formula 1 has been hosting some Sprint Races to make things a bit more interesting for the ever-increasing viewership of the sport. The Sprint Races have had a positive effect on the audience numbers, and now the drivers are calling for some changes in the Sprint format to make the weekends less tiring for them.

This year, we have three Sprint Races, and we have already seen one in Imola. The next Sprint will happen in Brazil in Interlagos. According to Ferrari racer Carlos Sainz, the weekends get too busy for the racers if there is a Sprint Race to prepare for. This distracts them from the main race on Sunday, and proves to be detrimental for their Championship run.

In a recent interview with, Carlos Sainz said, “But for some reason that maybe we didn’t expect this year, both Thursday and Friday have become a lot longer for the drivers.”

So, we are going to need to find a way to control this in a more efficient way, let’s say.” the Spaniard further continued.

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