Sergio Perez has mentioned how he targets a contract renewal with Red Bull

Despite a very mediocre performance in the later half of the season, Sergio Perez is still hopeful of a contract renewal with Red Bull.

Sergio Perez has mentioned how he targets a contract renewal with Red Bull

Sergio Perez (via IMAGO)

The Red Bull team scored one of the most dominant season in the history of Formula 1. Despite the team winning 21 races out of 22 total, Sergio Perez could manage to win only two of the 19 victories for the team. Hence, questions were raised over his position at Red Bull. However, Sergio Perez has talked about the bright side about his contact renewal at Red Bull.

The Mexican opened up about his performances during the season and mentioned that he wanted to hit consistency and build a platform for himself. He explained what he lacked in the season and highlighted the issue with progressing down the season. This comment was made in lieu with his performances in the beginning of the season where he was at par with Verstappen in terms of pace and points.


I want to be able to hit consistency, to build a platform, What we lacked this year is progress. I started the year really highly, on par with Max.

Perez said, as reported by

In addition to this, Perez insisted that he was just not able to evolve through the season, if anything, he went backwards according to him. Further talking about his performance, he added that his main priority was to be able to progress through the season and not repeat the condition that he faced this season.

But I was just not able to evolve through the season. If anything, I went backwards at times. So, that's probably my main priority, to be able to progress through the season.

Sergio Perez revealed the problems he faced after the Spanish GP

The Mexican was winning races and consistently finishing top 3 before the Spanish GP. However, Perez saw an unprecedented fall in performance after the Spanish GP. He claimed that the car started feeling different to him and that he couldn’t further progress with the car. The 33-year-old claimed that this was something lacking in the season and wanted to improve on it further.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.
Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez (via IMAGO)

Additionally, Perez added that these problems helped him really understand a lot more about how he was setting up the car and in which direction he needed to go when he faced issues. Hence, He exclaimed that the team would take out time and go through the things again over the winter break.


Sergio Perez definitely needs to up his game in order to ensure his contract expansion beyond 2024. As the team is not looking too cheerful about talking about his contract expansion. The team might oust him if he fails to impress the top-roles by the end of the next season.

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