F1 Executive alleges Toto Wolff ‘put the gun’ on Jean Todt’s head to facilitate Michael Masi’s sacking from FIA

Toto Wolff cannot catch a break as he gets lauded with multiple controversies over the winter break.

F1 Executive alleges Toto Wolff ‘put the gun’ on Jean Todt’s head to facilitate Michael Masi’s sacking from FIA

Toto Wolff (via IMAGO)

The Austrian boss of Mercedes Toto Wolff has been under the radar of FIA since the past few days. Toto Wolff was involved in a conflict of interest alongside his wife Susie Wolff and was blamed for receiving inside information before the public. However, another F1 executive has alleged Wolff of another blunder.

The anonymous Executive of FIA has revealed some information about Wolff in the sport. The executive claimed that the Austrian boss is very power hungry and wants to control everything. Additionally, he puts his fingers in every matter according to the executive.

Toto Wolff wants to control everything. He puts his finger in everything.
An Anonymous F1 Executive said, as reported by Motorsport.com (H&T: @MercedesAMGF1BR/X).

In addition to this, the executive also alleged Wolff of some more serious allegations. They claimed that Wolff figuratively stuck a gun in Jean Todt‘s head and asked him to make either Michael Masi leave the sport or Lewis Hamilton leave the sport. Also, Since the controversial 2021 championship battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, there has been friction between Mohammed Ben Sulayem and and Toto Wolff.

He basically stuck a gun in Jean Todt's head and said: 'either Michael Masi leaves or Lewis Hamilton leaves the sport'

What was Toto Wolff accused of by FIA?

An unknown media provided information to the FIA accusing the Wolff couple, Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff, of involvement in a conflict of interest with the FOM. Subsequently, the FIA made the statement available to the public before informing the boss about the allegations from the source. Hence, this provoked a reaction from both the people involved.

Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff.
Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff (via IMAGO)

Susie Wolff brought misogyny into the picture and claimed that her gender as a female made her susceptible to these kinds of allegations from the FIA. Subsequently, all the teams released an exact statement and sided with the couple. The teams dismissed any sort of involvement in these allegations and further relieved Wolff of wondering who made the allegations.


Even though the FIA has now dropped the controversial allegations, this has exposed a major blank space in FIA’s functioning. The body has questioned the couple’s integrity in the sport despite their long time presence in F1. The FIA needs to seriously investigate the blunder and ensure they never repeat something like this for the sake of the sport.

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