“So why should we develop them from scratch?” Aston Martin reveal their wing approval from FIA took several months

They also believe it could be copied by other teams later on in the season.

Aston Martin
Aston Martin
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Aston Martin brought in a new rear wing design during the Hungarian Grand Prix which raised many questions around the paddock, but it was almost of no use, as it had been approved and announced legal by the FIA. However, Tom McCullough, the team’s director of performance, recently stated that getting that approval from the FIA took several months. This is not the first time this year that the Astons had to go around the FIA to get their upgrades approved, as they were accused of copying Red Bull’s updated sidepods earlier. 

The new regulations of the 2022 season had a major impact over the entire aerodynamics of the F1 cars. While it largely increased how much closer cars could follow each other, it also decreased the advantage of the Drag Reduction System, famously known as the DRS, which has got everything to do with the rear wing. Now since it was changed so impactfully, the downforce that was produced by the rear wing in the 2021 is different from that of the 2022 cars, which is a disadvantage for the teams. The reason Aston Martin’s new wing was being questioned is because it produces the same downforce as last year’s cars. 

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Aston Martin expect other teams will copy their design

Aston Martin's rear wing
Aston Martin’s rear wing

The wing was called a “game changer” by Ted Kravitz, and though it had many speculations, it was declared legal by the FIA after a long wait by the team. 

“It took several months from initial contact to full FIA approval,” PlanetF1 quoted Tom;

“Once approval is given the designs are made and submitted before the race weekend.

“And again the FIA ​​has to make sure they are still happy with what they were. And then you get it on the car,” he added. 

Mike Krack, Aston Martin’s boss, believes that there would be teams during the Singapore Grand Prix who would copy this design of the rear wing, as the circuit there requires increased downforce, which the wing provides. 

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