“That makes a difference,” Andreas Seidl opines on the budget limit affecting teams

Andreas Seidl also talks about how the teams will react to the budget cap in the coming Spain Gp

Andreas Seidl

Formula 1 in 2022 is facing a bunch of new regulations not only on the Aerodynamic parts but also on the money budget they have received limiting them to only use a percentage of their money on the upgrades for this year’s car. This is done to bring teams with not much money to the level of teams having millions to spend on their cars.

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McLaren after the testing seemed to have a strong car but after the first race, they were not even capable of fighting for the midfield. Only able to score 6 points in the first two races the team saw themselves back in the days of 2017.

After the upgrades in Australia, McLaren turned their tables completely they scored 18 points and later in Imola they managed to get a podium.

Andreas Seidl on how the teams will react to the cap

Mclaren 2022
Mclaren in Barcelona pre-season testing

 Andreas shared his views on the budget cap, saying teams will go completely all out on the upgrades. Because it won’t be possible for them to bring small changes to check whether it will work or not so the team will use the cap effectively and teams will go all-in with their improvements.

This year you have to go all-in and research in different directions. And then when you realise that a certain direction brings a certain level of performance, then you continue there,” he said.

In the upcoming Spain Grand Prix, all the teams will try to bring their best upgrades as they have the data of previous runs they had in pre-season testing. That data will overall compare the different teams will create once they are set to run again in Barcelona.

Of course, some time has passed since then, but like everyone else, we’ve been working on our car and have come to a much better understanding than we did at the tests in Barcelona or Bahrain that our cars are still quite young,” said Seidl in conversation with Motorsport-Magazin.com.

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