“That’s the real world of the No.2 driver,” Ted Kravitz lays down the pecking for Sergio Perez

Ted Kravtiz describes the "world" of a 2nd driver after Sergio Perez's incident.

Ted Kravitz and Sergio Perez
Ted Kravitz and Sergio Perez

The Spanish Grand Prix went fine for Red Bull after a 1-2 finish from Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, and although they won the race, fans still were furious at the team for the team orders that were given to Sergio Perez. 

The race started with Max Verstappen on P2 and Sergio Perez on P5, but later after a very powerful start from Mercedes and both the Red Bulls, Sergio Perez moved ahead, and was on P3, chasing George Russell and Charles Leclerc after Verstappen and Carlos Sainz had a spin on Turn 4, 

Later, Charles Leclerc had a power failure which saw him move forward, and soon enough, he was leading the race. 

He was being followed by Max Verstappen who was a couple of seconds away from Checo; he kept losing small amounts of time per lap but still had a very good lead since Verstappen had pitted. 

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It was then when team orders were issued to the Mexican, which said that if Max keeps coming closer, let him pass and do not resist. 

Checo was obviously disappointed and replied, “that’s very unfair, but okay.”

Team orders are to be followed by any 2nd driver if they are helping the 1st driver win the championship, but this particular one wasn’t appreciated by the fans as it is a little too early into the season to be doing this. Similarly what Ferrari did to Rubens Barichello in 2001  Austrian Grand Prix, for Michael Schumacher. 

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Ted Kravitz says that’s just the world of a 2nd driver in any F1 team.

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Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez

Ted Kravitz, known British pit-lane reporter said that this is the world of a 2nd driver in a team; the team wouldn’t ask the first driver to let the other one pass but they would always do it for the first one. 

“And then Perez not happy in the end about being treated essentially as a number two driver, but it’s the real world isn’t it Checo?

“Let’s face it, I think if you don’t realise that that’s your position in this team, then you’re probably the last person on God’s green earth who doesn’t realise that this is your position within the Red Bull team.

“And while it may say something Checo in your contract, then I think everyone else knows and [it] was clearly demonstrated today that there is only one number one in that.”

Red Bull garage, and it’s not the one with one one [11] on his car, it’s the one with one on its car,” Kravitz said, as reported by PlanetF1

Although Red Bull called Checo in for a pitstop to switch to softs and score the fastest lap, fans and Sergio himself were raged and disappointed as a win is way different than a fastest lap point. 

Sergio Perez finished the race 2nd behind Max Verstappen, making it a second 1-2 for the Red Bull team. 

They now lead the constructors’ championship with 195 points, and Max Verstappen leads the championship with 110 points. Sergio stands 3rd with 85.

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