“The guy put me into the wall,” Zhou Guanyu blasts Nicholas Latifi for bringing his exploits to an early halt during the Singapore GP

Zhou Guanyu, after the Singapore Grand Prix, has blamed Nicholas Latifi for bringing his exploits to an early end in Singapore.

Nicholas and Zhou
Nicholas and Zhou

Zhou Guanyu, the Alfa Romeo F1 driver, did not have the best of outings during the recently concluded Singapore Grand Prix, and after the race, has blamed Nicholas Latifi for cutting his race short.

Zhou Guanyu on lap 7 of the 61-lap race was tussling with the Williams driver, Nicholas Latifit, and everything was under control, until the point, the Canadian while defending his position collided with Guanyu and put an early end to both driver’s races.

The 23-year-old sounded extremely upset on the team radio after bowing out of the race, and while talking about it afterward, said, “So yeah, unfortunately not the day we wanted, bit tricky out there, but yeah, everybody saw what happened, I had no room and the guy decided to close the whole door, put me into the wall.

It was definitely not something you want to have and didn’t feel like he was racing fair, so it ended our race quite early, so yeah, as a team I think we just have to move forward and focus on Suzuka.”

Guanyu Zhou has blatantly put the blame on Nicholas Latifi for causing the incident, however, feels that it is in the past, and the team now needs to shift the focus from Singapore to the next Grand Prix, which is going to take place at the Suzuka International Racing Course.

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Zhou Guanyu has only scored 6 points in the 2022 F1 season so far

Zhou Guanyu
Zhou Guanyu

The Alfa Romeo F1 team has been plagued by reliability issues all season, and because of it, hasn’t been able to score points on a consistent basis.

Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou both have had quite a decent number of DNFs in the 2022 season, and that has affected not only the team’s standing but also that of the drivers as well.

As things stand, Bottas, after 17 rounds, has managed to amass 46 points for the Ferrari sister team, whereas Zhou has only scored 6 points in the same number of races.

Zhou Guanyu
Zhou Guanyu

The Singapore Grand Prix was a good opportunity for Guaynyu Zhou to score some decent points, however, it just wasn’t to be, and during next week’s Japanese Grand Prix, he would be looking to rectify it and would ideally want to finish in the top 10.

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