“There’s no place for this toxic racist bile,” Fans demand Nelson Piquet to be banned from F1 paddock after calling Lewis Hamilton a ‘black guy’

Former motorsports driver Nelson Piquet Sr. has called racially abuse Lewis Hamilton by calling him a "black guy."

Nelson and Lewis
Nelson and Lewis
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Nelson Piquet Sr. who is a former motorsports driver and a renowned personality in Brazil has recently called Lewis Hamilton a black guy’ and this has not gone down well with the fans of F1.

Formula One operates under the slogan of #WeRaceAsOne but what Nelson Piquet has recently done goes against everything that the sport stands for and the ardent fans of the sport are calling for his head by demanding that he should be banned from F1.

Today we are living in an era where it has become immensely crucial to make people aware of human rights and how important it is to treat everyone equally. To hear a racial slur from someone who is 69 years old is extremely disappointing.

Formula One like all the other sports is doing its bit in raising awareness about sensitive issues like racism in our society and it is not a good thing for the sport to allow people like Piquet to keep being part of F1.

Formula One

F1 should immediately act and do something that makes a statement and forces everyone to realize how committed they are to eradication of racism from our society.

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Lewis Hamilton has every now and then stood up for human rights

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is someone who has never shied away from making a stand when he has felt that something is wrong and during the course of his F1 career the Brit has been vocal about racism also.

Hamilton is the only black driver in the sport to date and has many times talked about how he wants to include people from different phases of life to be integrated into the sport.

Hamilton is someone that people look up to for inspiration and for him to face racism from someone who has been in motorsports himself is not acceptable, the hierarchy at F1 should take this situation seriously and take action as quickly as possible because otherwise, the people’s anger is going to get directed towards them.

Formula1 fans
Formula1 fans

Hamilton is a legend of Formula One and in such a difficult time the F1 community should come together and show people like Piquet that there is no room for racism in the sport and for people who intend to spread it.

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