Toto Wolff hits out at FIA for ‘crossing the red line’ with conflict of interest investigation

Toto Wolff lashed out at the FIA over the recent investigation into him and his wife Susie Wolff.

Toto Wolff hits out at FIA for ‘crossing the red line’ with conflict of interest investigation

Toto Wolff (Via IMAGO)

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff and his wife Susie Wolff were recently under investigation by the FIA. Susie Wolff serves as the F1 Academy Managing Director, part of the Formula One Management. The FIA had launched an investigation after it was informed that confidential information had been passed between the two. Although, the sports governing body did not specify the name of the Wolffs.


Now, the Mercedes team boss has slammed the FIA. The investigation was closed swiftly with no further action being pursued. Susie Wolff had demanded answers from the FIA over the entire fiasco. The 9 nine F1 teams other than Mercedes released statements that neither of them had alleged such a conflict of interest.

Toto Wolff admitted that usually he had become used to hearing accusations about himself. However, the allegations against Susie Wolff shocked the 51-year-old. The Austrian billionaire made it clear that he has skin thick enough to handle such crossfire. Although, when it came to his family, it was a completely different thing for the Mercedes team boss.

After ten years as a team boss, I'm already [used to hearing things], but this story was shocking. When I'm caught in the crossfire, that's not a problem for me at all. I've developed a thick skin and can take it. But when you go after my family, it's a different level.
Toto Wolff told Bild

The 51-year-old was baffled by the accusation against him and his wife. So much so, that Wolff reckoned that the FIA had crossed its line with a personal attack on his family. The Mercedes team boss made it clear that he and Susie Wolff keep their responsibilities separate from their personal life.

An absurd accusation was created out of nowhere. It was a personal attack that crossed a red line.
 [Susie and I] are professional enough to keep our different fields of expertise apart. I don't really see where our work has much overlap with each other.

Toto Wolff needs to get Mercedes back to winning ways in 2024

Mercedes fell behind Red Bull with the ground-effect era in F1. The Silver Arrows had an underwhelming 2023 season with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell failing to win a single race. Toto Wolff had admitted that the 2023 Mercedes W14 was a poor car that struggled to match the pace of the mighty Red Bull RB-19.

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff
Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff (Via IMAGO)

The Mercedes boss has been vocal about the team’s development of next year’s car. Toto Wolff remains confident that the W15 would be a massive improvement compared to its predecessor. However, the Silver Arrows would need to make drastic gains next season in a bid to catch up with Red Bull Racing.

Nevertheless, it seems that Toto Wolff and Mercedes are on the right track for the 2024 F1 season. The 52-year-old will be shifting his focus to supervising car development over the winter break. Although, it remains to be seen if the Silver Arrows manage to deliver on the high expectations next season.

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