“He’s the GOAT”: Twitter goes berserk as Nicholas Latifi sails through into Q3 in Silverstone

See the fans' reactions as Nicholas Latifi outqualifies his teammate and goes into Q3 for the first time this season.

Canadian racing driver Nicholas Latifi
Canadian racing driver Nicholas Latifi

He has done it again: Nicholas Latifi has out-qualified Alex Albon for the second time this season, with the first time coming at Imola. Not only has he out-qualified Albon: he will be starting in the top 10 for the first time since Belgium last year. It’s come at a time of the season where he certainly needed it.

The rumours have been rife, and it’s been reported many times that Williams may replace him with Oscar Piastri for 2023. This is around the time of the season when teams start announcing driver moves, so it was imperative for Latifi to start ‘pulling his weight’, so to say. At Silverstone, he has certainly done that.

Perhaps this is even more impressive considering that Latifi’s car did not have the upgrades that his teammate Alex Albon’s car did. Albon, meanwhile, qualified 16th, had complained over the radio that he did not understand why they were doing cool-down laps. Nicholas Latifi certainly seems to love wet weather conditions. It was reported that Latifi lacks confidence in the car, and this will likely do wonders for him.

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Twitter Reacts as Nicholas Latifi reaches Q3

Nicholas Latifi
Nicholas Latifi

Nicholas Latifi is often called ‘Goatifi’ and ‘The Goat’ by fans on social media, mostly meant to mock or be a tongue-in-cheek remark. But this time, Latifi has certainly done a feat worthy of the moniker. He is going to be starting in 10th place, Williams’ highest starting position this season.

Seeing this, fans understandably went WILD:

Even news accounts joined the party:

While it is unlikely that Latifi will be able to stay in the points in tomorrow’s race, it is still an impressive feat, coming at a very good time. He has struggled compared to his teammate all season, and starting in the top 10 will be a welcome change for the Canadian. The Canadian will be certainly hoping that he can somehow finish in the points, but a good clean race will do much for his confidence as well.

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