USA and Australia provide two different pictures in the most Googled Formula 1 drivers for 2022

USA and Australia provide two different pictures in the most Googled Formula 1 drivers for 2022

2022 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

Formula 1 is a global sport. F1 travels across the world, in 5 different continents and over 20 different countries. This makes the sport’s calendar incredibly challenging for the teams and drivers. However, this effort pays off as F1 is able to reach millions of fans worldwide. The sport has even reached new milestones in terms of fan figures in recent years. As Formula 1 grew in popularity after its new “content-driven” strategy.

Google searches are an accurate way of analyzing trends. Thus, the 2022 list of the most googled Formula 1 drivers is no different. This list showcases how the fans in various regions of the world have viewed F1 – some drivers who have been in popularity in a particular region while also providing us with drivers who truly won the fans all over the world. Unsurprisingly, the top spot of this list were taken up by Lewis Hamilton, followed by arch-rival Max Verstappen.

The races in the United States have been met with immense enthusiasm by teams and drivers alike

The United States of America is the target market of Formula 1 in recent years. Liberty Media and F1 have invested heavily in the US market, including taking up the role of race promoters for the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Consequently, F1 trends in the US hold major significance for the sport. Lewis Hamilton took up the top spot in the ‘Land of the Free’ with 38% of all searches. Hamilton of course is one of the biggest Formula 1 personalities globally and certainly holds a lot of sway in the US.

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Daniel Ricciardo was the most Googled F1 driver in Australia last year

Ricciardo stood ground on his home turf when it came to Google searches in 2022

Lewis was followed by Max Verstappen in second place. Surprisingly Daniel Ricciardo made up the third spot in the US. Despite of having a tough year in Formula 1, Ricciardo has managed to stay as a popular F1 driver. Certainly, his love for America has only helped his prospects. Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc round up the top 5 respectively. Although, this would not be the only surprise Danny Ric would have in store.

Australia is the home of the honey badger. Thus, Ricciardo succeeded in becoming the most Googled Formula 1 driver in his home country. Over 50% of all driver searches in the country were for Daniel. This is a testament to the Aussie’s immense local fanfare who will certainly miss Daniel in Formula 1 next season. Although, Danny Ric’s replacement, Oscar Piastri can provide a new reason for fans to cheer down under.’

However, it must be noted that Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen made up the next two spots respectively. Followed by Charles Leclerc and the now-retired four-time champion, Sebastian Vettel. Perhaps, Sebastian Vettel’s retirement from Formula 1 was a big shock to Aussie F1 fans who looked to find out if this was even true. Certainly, a thought that went through the minds of thousands of fans.

On another note, India, a country with over a billion people also has massive potential for Formula 1. The Indian F1 fans too searched for Lewis Hamilton the most with 35% of searches. Verstappen once again took the runner-up spot. Although, once again it was Ricciardo in third, this time followed by Sebastian Vettel. A nod to the fans who were perhaps disheartened regarding the exit of these ex-teammates.

All in all, the 2022 list of the most Googled Formula 1 drivers surely put things into perspective. Lewis Hamilton’s popularity has not suffered despite of having a winless year in the sport. While Max Verstappen has risen the ranks, in the same way, the Dutchman won his two titles. Daniel Ricciardo was perhaps the biggest surprise on the list and the fans would sorely feel the Aussie’s absence from this list and the paddock this season.

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