WATCH: Lewis Hamilton mingles with fans during F1 off-season at the Goodwood race track

Lewis Hamilton has been surprising his fans with a great time after the mediocre season ends for Mercedes.

WATCH: Lewis Hamilton mingles with fans during F1 off-season at the Goodwood race track

Lewis Hamilton with fans (via X,@LH44updates).

The off-season shenanigans for the drivers are already in full-swing as all the drivers share pictures and videos of their lovely vacation. Lewis Hamilton has had some other great plans in mind, which favored the fans of his.

Lewis Hamilton was spotted at the Goodwood race track with some of his huge fans present with him. Meeting the ex-reigning world champion was surprising in itself. However, Hamilton decided to surprise the fans even more than they could have ever asked for.


Hamilton took the fans for a hot lap around the Goodwood racing track in England. The fans seated next to him in a sports two-door Mercedes AMG car for the hot lap around the British circuit. This surprise from Sir Lewis Hamilton was definitely unexpected for the fans.

One of the fans have shared the story on Instagram as depicted from a tweet on X. In the Instagram story, the fan talked about the hot lap with Hamilton and called it an unbelievable experience and rightly so. Hamilton helped the fans create a core-memory that will surely last them for a lifetime that they will cherish forever.

Hamilton, after the hot laps, was seen taking pictures with the fans in the pitlanes of the Goodwood race track. He wore Mercedes merch, just like the fans did. The clothing of the fans also showed a cold environment around the track. Despite the cold weather, the fans appeared to the track to meet their idol and create memories with him.


Lewis Hamilton also surprised a wheelchair conditioned fan with a similar experience

Post season activities for Hamilton include a lot of fan-based activities where he surprises the fans with unexpected surprises. In a recent fan forum from Mercedes, the two British drivers Hamilton and George Russell were talking as usual about the season and the subsequent season. Meanwhile, the 38-year-old spotted a wheelchair conditioned fan on a wheelchair who was trying to click a picture with him in the background.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell meeting the fan.
Lewis Hamilton and George Russell meeting the fan (via X, @MercedesAMGF1).

Hamilton quickly took notice of the fan and rushed towards him to click a picture with him. The picture wasn’t all that the fan received as the Briton had other plans in motion for the fan. Hamilton immediately called the Mercedes crew to surprise the superfan with entire Mercedes merchandise and additionally he received a special cap signed by both the drivers.

This shows the pure-heart of Hamilton and proved how he always thinks of the fans before himself. The sweet gestures from him will surely not go unnoticed and further help him down the road. Currently, the team aims at scoring a much successful season for the following season of Formula 1.


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