WATCH: Lewis Hamilton takes to the skies to kick off his post-season fun with Arab skydiver Naila Nazer

Lewis Hamilton found a great way to relax and take some steam off from F1 as he took to the beautiful skies of Abu Dhabi.

WATCH: Lewis Hamilton takes to the skies to kick off his post-season fun with Arab skydiver Naila Nazer

Naila Nazer and Lewis Hamilton (via Instagram, @naila)

As the Formula 1 season concluded, drivers are now taking time to indulge in off-grid activities with their friends and families. Meanwhile, people spotted Lewis Hamilton skydiving in Dubai alongside the infamous Arab skydiver Naila Nazer.

Naila Nazer took to Instagram to share this adventurous activity from the British driver Lewis Hamilton. In the reel posted by Naila, Hamilton was seen paired up with Nazer to take the jump from the plane to skydive in the beautiful Abu Dhabi skies.


The skydiving part wasn’t the only impressive feat from the driver. The crew of Nazer had prepared a special formation to carry out in the skies along with Lewis Hamilton. Both of them jumped from the plane holding hands and hence not separating during the exhilarating sport.

As soon as the pair jumped, two other crewmates of Nazer jumped alongside them and started to prepare for the formation in the sky. Nazer and Hamilton held hands and spread out while one crew member was below the two holding them up. Another member prepared to stand on top of the two sportsmen to complete the formation.

Nazer captioned the reel as ‘The Hybrid’ or Maja Skating and further claimed that it was the funniest jump to date due to the fun formation. She also expressed appreciation for the members who were with her during the jump and added that she felt honored to fly with them.


Lewis Hamilton also appreciated Naila Nazer and crew for the fun day

In addition to Nazer’s post on Instagram, Lewis Hamilton reshared the stories posted by Naila Nazer. Hamilton and the Arab skydiver were seen throwing a peace sign in the reshared story, indicating that the image was taken before the skydive. Nazer also referred to Hamilton as a ‘legend’ in the same story posted by the British driver.

Naila Nazer and Lewis Hamilton in the formation
Naila Nazer and Lewis Hamilton in the formation (via Instagram, @naila).

Hamilton also reshared another story where he thanked the crew for the fun day and the successful formation from the skydive. The Briton was also not hesitant in appreciating the ‘beautiful souls’ for the skydive. The entire day was fun for the squad and hence a great change of pace for the high-adrenaline athletes in the sport.

Skydiving with Naila Nazer was a fun activity for the ex-world champion Lewis Hamilton. As seen by the reaction from the squad, it seems that Hamilton might just visit Naila and her crew for another session as even Naila enjoyed the time and could potentially re-invite the British driver for another cool formation by the crew.


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