WATCH: Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff try to beat each other at Suzuka in $120k worth Mercedes AMG GT R

The Wolff couple took a few hot-laps around Suzuka in the monstrous Mercedes AMG GT R.

WATCH: Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff try to beat each other at Suzuka in $120k worth Mercedes AMG GT R

Susie Wolff [L] Toto Wolff [R] (images via Mercedes F1 on YouTube)

As the season has ended and the teams are preparing themselves for the following season over the winter break, the Mercedes crew has some other devious plans in their mind. While fans wait for the season to begin, an old video resurfaced where Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff faced off each other while driving the Mercedes AMG GT R around the Suzuka circuit.


Toto Wolff took over the car and started a hot lap around the circuit. In the process, his wife Susie Wolff was the passenger of the two-door car. The Mercedes team boss previously having racing experience was pushing to the limit. This did not sit right with his wife, as she was visibly scared and afraid of the twists and turns of the Suzuka circuit.

Susie initially claimed that she definitely preferred driving the car rather than being the passenger. Soon after this, during the first turn itself, Susie Wolff started shouting to her husband to brake during the turn and slow down the car. The 41-year-old renounced the fact that the car was too fast for her and asked Toto to slow down the car multiple times under braking.

Yup, definitely prefer driving. Brake! Brake! Brake! BRAKEE!, that's too fast Toto.. That's too fast TOTO! TOTO!!. Toto... that's too fast. This is the difference, you try to show off on the first Lap!
Susie told Toto Wolff as shown in the video on Mercedes’ Youtube channel.

Susie Wolff also took a round of the Suzuka Circuit

Before Toto Wolff took the lap, Susie Wolff was also given the AMG GT R to take a lap around the circuit alongside his husband. Susie Wolff, a former motorsports driver was familiar with the iconic Japanese circuit. Hence, she was also confident while driving the green devil around the Suzuka circuit with Toto. She asserted that the car felt good while driving.

Susie Wolff and Toto Wolff in the Mercedes AMG GT R
Susie Wolff and Toto Wolff in the Mercedes AMG GT R (Via Mercedes F1 on YouTube)

The 51-year-old saw this as an opportunity to make fun of Susie’s driving skills around the circuit. Toto Wolff claimed that his wife missed the entire apex during the corner and made fun of her. Much like the Scottish wife, Toto Wolff also exclaimed her to brake multiple times while driving. Additionally, the Mercedes team principle highlighted that his wife’s driving was no fun as she wasn’t on par with his skills according to him.

However, in the end, the lovely couple had a great time driving each other around the high-speed circuit in the GT R. This was evident from their smiling and chatting towards the end after finally exiting the vehicles into the pitlane of the circuit. Also, the 41-year-old highlighted that Toto Wolff was not in control during the entire lap.

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