“We are aiming for…,” Ferrari set target for Charles Leclerc

Laurent Mekies sets goal for Charles Leclerc to achieve today in Montreal.

Charles Leclerc(on the left) and Laurent Mekies(on the right)
Charles Leclerc(on the left) and Laurent Mekies(on the right)

Ferrari’s Spanish driver Carlos Sainz to start from P3, and Sainz’s teammate and Monacan driver Charles Leclerc to start from P19, having only competed in Q1 to win a spot over AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda.

This was Maranello-based racing team Ferrari’s standing at the completion of the qualifying session for the Canadian Grand Prix, which witnessed a very accurate Max Verstappen secure pole position for Red Bull ahead of an amazing Fernando Alonso, who got a taste of Carlos Sainz’s mistake at the very last chicane exit.

“Qualifying was complex for everyone, with conditions that changed a lot. To complete them with one car gives you less information and is strategically more difficult. Today we saw that Max had something more in terms of pace, congratulations to them. Carlos was close, he would have been second not too far from Max, but at the end of the last lap in such conditions a mistake can happen, as it did today,” said Laurent Mekies, racing director of Ferrari in a conversation ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix.

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Ferrari are still holding out hope for Charles Leclerc

Ferrari deputy team principal and racing director Laurent Mekies
Ferrari deputy team principal and racing director Laurent Mekies

“Too bad for the second place, but hopefully we’ll be fighting tomorrow with Red Bull. If we thought about using slick tires in Q3? We talked about it. There were three options: either a single set of intermediates, or two sets of intermediates, or to gamble on dry tires. We chose the second set of intermediates like most of the other competitors,” added Mekies in regard to their thoughts on the qualifying session yesterday.

The deputy team principal of Ferrari confirmed that Charles Leclerc will start the race with the fourth power unit in Montreal today: “Yes, he has the fourth engine in the car. We thought it was the best choice, given the limited time to react to what happened in Baku and also because it is a favorable race to do so. Usually you overtake here and there are many chances that a Safety Car will hit the track at some point. It is a race in which you can aim to recover.”

The French engineer concluded by bringing into attention how Red Bull Racing’s Sergio Perez who has been a sudden entry into the title championship will be looking forward to making a comeback along with Leclerc today in the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Sergio Perez who won the Monaco Grand Prix this season is starting from P13 today in the race.

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