“We cannot afford this to happen so many times,” Charles Leclerc annoyed with Ferrari after power failure

Red Bull and Max are now leaders of the world championship 2022..

Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc started the Spanish Grand Prix on the pole beside Max Verstappen who was on P2. He managed to get a great start and was on a clear lead until lap 27. The F1-75 gave up on him and he suffered from an engine problem causing him to DNF first for the 2022 season.

Max Verstappen and his Red Bull after they had a comfortable P2 chasing Leclerc’s Ferrari, had a spin in turn 6 which gave him a blow of three positions. Using the opportunity Perez and Russell overtook Max. The World Champion had some problems with his DRS and wasn’t able to pass Russell for quite some time, with credit to the skills George did show.

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Ferrari without any troubles had a lead of 11 seconds heading towards an easy and could undoubtedly win. However, he started to slow down and had to pit for a DNF regards to the problems of giving up the engine.

Fight for the championship swings in Red Bull’s favor

Charles Leclerc's Ferrari DNF
“Can’t Afford” anymore DNF said, Charles Leclerc

With Leclerc not having the race he thought for, said had a lot of positives over the weekend, with the qualification and race pace they were ahead of Red Bull throughout the Spanish Grand Prix. This is not the first time we have seen him getting over his lead with an Engine Failure, Bahrain 2019 is an accurate example of that.

But the results didn’t get them what they expected, with Leclerc DNF and Sainz P4 after his spin in the Turn 6 as well, Ferrari is now P2 in the championship behind Red Bull.

With Max in the lead of the driver’s championship, Leclerc is now behind him by 6 points. Leclerc also talked to sky sports and agreed with the loss said ” can’t afford” any more DNFs. Things need to improve or else the championship will be a lot more difficult to get hold of.

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