“We can’t get it right every time,” George Russell sums up a ‘risky’ yet frustrating Singapore GP

George Russell's record of P5 finishes this season at the Singapore GP after struggling throughout the weekend.

George Russell
George Russell

George Russell has been doing exceptionally well this season. With a promotion to Mercedes, Russell has proved his worth for the seat he has been provided at the start of the 2022 season. George is driving beside a seven-time world champion and has not only managed to keep up with Lewis Hamilton but also surpass him in points. However, George’s Singapore GP didn’t really go that well.

Russell was out in Q2 for the first time this season. After a tough qualifying session, the Briton only managed a P11 start, which was later converted into a pitlane start after a new PU change. Singapore being a street circuit with tight corners, he didn’t quite manage to make his way over to the midfield and struggled throughout the race, ultimately retiring from the race.

George opens up with his race, “We definitely had a car this weekend that was capable of winning. So that’s one thing ticked off, let’s say. And just a bit of a shame how this weekend has unfolded. But it’s just the way F1 goes sometimes. We’ve had such a great run of form. And as a team, I feel like we’ve been pretty flawless all season. But obviously, this weekend things went against us.” as per Motorsport.com.

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George Russell opens up with his ‘risky’ move to slicks

George Russell in the W13 (IMAGO / PanoramiC)
George Russell in the W13 (IMAGO / PanoramiC)

Singapore GP started off with rainy scenes and even got delayed at the start. With all the drivers starting in intermediates with a perfect opportunity to move on to the slicks, George Russell was the ‘guinea pig’ for the rest of the grid to make a move into the mediums, and was the first one to risk his race after pitting for slicks in a not-so-dry street.

Russell opened up about the decision to switch to slicks so much earlier before the others: “Well, I was asking the pit for a new set of inters. And in that situation, I trust the team, the team trust me, they thought it was time to go on slicks and try something.”

“I was in a position where I just thought screw it, we need to do something. F1’s very frustrating when it’s like this. But out of so many races we’ve had this year – seventeen? Fifteen of them have been pretty great. So we can’t get it right every time,” said Russell.

George is fourth in the championship with a gap of 30 points to Perez and Leclerc. He is still in contention for the two places in the title fight which will be a much greater achievement than the title itself. Mercedes aren’t really competitive, so a second position with the W13 will be a very big deal.

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