‘Not achieved what it was supposed to’: Lewis Hamilton thinks the new regulations haven’t worked entirely as intended

The hope for the new regulations was that everyone will be closer together, but Lewis Hamilton feels this hasn't been the case.

Lewis Hamilton in a press conference at the Singapore Grand Prix (Images through IMAGO / HochZwei)
Lewis Hamilton in a press conference at the Singapore Grand Prix (Images through IMAGO / HochZwei)

Red Bull and Ferrari started on almost equal terms in 2022. But after Imola, Red Bull began their ascendancy as Ferrari kept faltering, with mistakes and reliability issues plaguing them at almost every turn. Even then, a case could be made that the cars had been rather equal in performance, with the F1-75 coming out on top in some, and the RB-18 on some.

But it was Red Bull, and Max Verstappen in particular who made the difference, particularly so before the summer break. Since the season restarted in Belgium, however, the British team have been completely dominant over the rest of the opposition, and have not even been particularly challenged, apart from Singapore.

As per GiveMeSport, Lewis Hamilton feels that the intention of the regulations was to bring the teams closer together, with tighter championship battles. But he thinks that is not the case this year: “Yeah, they’re supposed to do that, but it’s not achieved what it was supposed to achieve, so yeah, we failed in that.” 

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Lewis Hamilton praises Red Bull: “They have done a great job.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

While Red Bull beat Ferrari quite comprehensively in the battle for the championship, Mercedes were never really in for the fight. While they dominated proceedings since 2014, they were never really in the fight with the pace this year, with their triumphs often coming due to missteps from the ones in front. After Mercedes, the teams are quite a way far behind.

Lewis Hamilton hopes that more efforts are made to bring the teams closer together: “But when you fail once you try again and fail a second time and continue to try, so I hope more changes are made to try and bring all the teams closer and create better quality throughout the racing space.”

Regardless, he had to give it up for Red Bull, and said that they have done a great job: “It’s my hope that we are all closer so we can have better racing and more overtaking. Red Bull have walked away with it this year. They have done a great job.”

Mercedes had a terrible race in Singapore, with George Russell retiring and Lewis Hamilton finishing just inside the points at P9, and they are now 66 points behind Ferrari in the fight for P2. While there’s still a slight chance of them snatching second place in the championship, it’s rather slim.

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