“We felt like we made a good step forward”: Mercedes might be finally past their woeful days

Mercedes over whether the no side pod is the way to go or not.


Mercedes after the struggles in the first five races has finally worked its way out of porpoising. After showing good results in the practice session of the Spanish Grand Prix,  Mercedes showed the honest result in Qualifications as well, finishing P4 and P6.

Mercedes are P3 in the constructor championship 62 points behind Ferrari. With both the drivers severely suffering from porpoising causing physical chest pain, it was a lot of trouble for the World Champion team.
The new upgrades the team brought for the Barcelona Grand Prix have helped them vanish the porpoising troubles to a very good extent.

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With almost equal pace on straights with the Red Bull in qualification, Mercedes has taken a good step forward for a probable first win of the season. Agrees with Mike Elliott technical director of Mercedes “We felt like we made a good step forward. The car seems a lot more settled – it did what we were hoping it to do.”

With a lot of criticism on the no pod design and rumours of the design causing the silver team’s poor performance, it is now cleared the car isn’t affected much by that unique design. But it is still too early for it to perform at the level teams want it to.

Future of the Zero Pods Mercedes Design

Mercedes no side pod
Mercedes No Side Pod design

Toto Wolff will watch over the Spanish Grand Prix to decide whether to stick with the No Pods design or not. Elliot when asked the question about the design answered  “I think it’s still a little bit too early to say.”

To be able to say anything over the removal of design they need to test more laps on the true design to take a lead. Also with the budget cap introduced this season, it would be difficult for all the teams to openly bring and remove all the upgrades they want, and so is affected with is Mercedes. They will have to watch over whether they should move in the direction of this unique design keeping the budget in mind.

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Said Elliot “We need to work out what more lap time there is in it and then do the assessment as to whether we think overall this is the better direction to develop in.

“The budget cap is quite constraining and as a consequence of that, you have to make good decisions about both what we do for the rest of the year but also what we do for next year.”

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