“We shouldn’t have a driver on the grid just because of their nationality,” George Russell comments on the future of Formula 1

The British driver, George Russell refutes the idea of nationality determining a spot on the grid in Formula 1.

George Russell

Formula 1 has witnessed a massive surge in demand and popularity. This has opened up new markets and new avenues for the sport. It has also led to big car manufactures like Audi and Porsche consider taking part in the pinnacle of motorsport. The United States remain one of the biggest market that has had the most major impact in recent time. The Netflix series, Drive To Survive is the reason behind Formula 1 viewing heights of success here.

Increasing in popularity and viewership, translates into more sponsors being attracted towards the sport. This has led to many Formula 1 constructors considering to sign an American licensed driver as a part of their team. Max Verstappen is the most infamous example of a driver opening up the market for the sport. Another example is the Alfa Romeo driver, Guanyu Zhou who has helped the team acquire sponsorship deals from China. Mercedes driver, George Russell stands against this idea and refuted it in the press conference prior to the Miami Grand Prix.

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George Russell believes Formula 1 has the best of everything

George Russell
George Russell

The British driver praised the sport by saying “I think Formula 1 is the pinnacle of the sport. And we shouldn’t have a driver on the grid just because of their nationality. We should have the best drivers earning their right to be here and proving them themselves when they’re here. So I think we don’t live in a perfect world but this is the pinnacle and it needs to stay like that.”

He further added “I’ve not really had any experience with American drivers. Not that I can really remember. Maybe there was one or two when we were going through karting. We have the best engineers, we have the best everything here, we go to the best places and that needs to filter down to the drivers as well. And when you’ve got the best, often the show becomes even better. So yeah, I’d say that’s where I stand on that.”

Formula 1 is dictated by cash and this is no secret. It is the most expensive sport in the world and sponsorship deals are an important of it. However, the essence of the sport should not be lost in the midst of trying to get more and more money onboard. Real talent shines through regardless of how many other factors there are around and that should be the basis of getting your spot on the grid.

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