“We took a gamble, we didn’t need to,” Pierre Gasly criticizes AlphaTauri after finishing P10 in Singapore

Pierre Gasly has talked about the AlphaTauri call that dropped him down to P10 at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Pierre Gasly (IMAGO / Motorsport Images)
Pierre Gasly (IMAGO / Motorsport Images)

Pierre Gasly, the AlphaTauri driver, could have had a top 5 finish to his name at the Singapore Grand Prix, however, because of poor decision-making on the part of his team, he ended up a disappointing P10.

The Frenchman has recently talked about the shenanigans that took place at the Marina Bay Street Circuit and have blamed the Red Bull sister team, as he feels, the decisions that were made, could have been avoided.

Pierre Gasly was having a very solid race in P7 ahead of Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel, however, all his progress went into the drain when he was asked to put on slick tires on lap 33 of the race.

In the early exchanges after his pitstop, Gasly struggled for grip on the wet circuit, and this allowed Vettel to get the jump on him, even after making his pit stop a lap later than the Frenchman.

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Pierre Gasly’s take on the decision-making of AlphaTauri in Singapore

Pierre Gasly
Pierre Gasly

Singapore was a missed opportunity for AlphaTauri to score a decent chunk of points and Gasly while talking about it said, “We didn’t do a good job, we were seventh, ahead of two Aston Martins, [we had] track position, everything in our hands and we threw it away because we decided to box too early.”

There was no communication, no dialogue, which I don’t fully understand. We took a gamble in a moment where we didn’t need to.”

We boxed, everybody stayed out on track and we got overcut. I’m very disappointed for all of the team because we drop to ninth in the team’s championship. Nine we lost, nine important points.”

Gasly further adds, “It was clear it was too early, I don’t understand why we did it.”

Pierre Gasly
Pierre Gasly

It’s obviously something we’ll review. They had reasons to do it, but at least we should have communicated and that wasn’t the case.”

In the position, we were in, you have track position over two main rivals in Singapore in drying conditions; I don’t see the point of risking it like that. We gave our position away.”

When do we get opportunities to score fifth?, this year, it happened once in 18 races.”

It’s frustrating because we’re all pushing really hard and today, we just didn’t do the job.”

Pierre Gasly
Pierre Gasly

Pierre Gasly is extremely distraught with how the Singapore Grand Prix panned out for him, and considering AlphaTauri has now slipped to ninth in the Championship, it certainly was a body blow.

The upcoming race is the Japanese Grand Prix and if AlphaTauri intends on moving up in the Constructors Championship, then it certainly has to cut down on the errors and start putting in consistent performances.

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