“We will try to figure out how to stop it” : Mattia Binotto close to taking action against the FIA

The Ferrari team principal isn't ruling out the alternative of taking action against Formula One's governing body.

Mattia Binotto
Mattia Binotto
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Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto is opposed to the FIA’s proposed technical improvements for 2023 to address the porpoising issue. The team boss does not rule out pursuing legal action against the FIA.

The FIA officially confirmed that new regulations to avert porpoising will go into effect in 2023. In addition to the initiatives that are now in place from the Belgian Grand Prix, the rules and regulations are being modified due to safety concerns.

Mattia Binotto appears to believe that the regulatory measures are redundant for safety purposes. After all, we haven’t seen much porpoising in the last few races. As a result, the Ferrari team principal no longer considers bouncing to be a risk.

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Mattia Binotto doesn’t see any Red Bull advantage in the picture


Considering the time of year, Binotto believes the transition would be disastrous. We are actually nearly halfway through the 2022 season, so there would be little time to alter the premise of the 2023 car. “If it does happen, we will try to figure out how to stop it,” said Binotto.

The question is whether or not the FIA and the teams have reached an agreement. As per the new FIA regulations, the floor must be raised by 25 millimetres, but previous reports indicated that the majority of the teams preferred a ten-millimetre negotiated settlement.

This season, Ferrari is battling Red Bull Racing for the championship, but Binotto thinks the two teams should use common sense whenever it comes to mandate modifications. “I have no idea if the regulations would be in our favour or in Red Bull’s favour and I don’t care,” said Binotto. The team boss of the Maranello-based racing team contends it is critical to take accountability for critical choices that influence the sport’s prospect.

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