“We’re here to try and get towards the front”: Zak Brown delivers “honest” words about Daniel Ricciardo

Zak Brown says he only gave his honest opinions and clarifies that he does not have any ongoing argument with Daniel Ricciardo in a recent interview.

Daniel Ricciardo (L) and Zak Brown (R)
Zak Brown insists that his relationship with Daniel Ricciardo is fine.

The debate of whether Daniel Ricciardo deserves to retain his seat at McLaren for the next year has rocked the entire F1 community far and wide. In the last month, after a series of disappointing performances from the Australian where he could not even score any points for his team while Lando Norris finished close to the top 5 everytime, McLaren Boss Zak Brown had somewhat criticised Ricciardo. Now, in a recent interview, Zak Brown is coming clean about what he said earlier and why he feels that he was just being “honest”.

F1 racer Daniel Ricciardo has made splashes in the motorsport community ever since he arrived as a Red Bull racer. After exiting from the Milton-Keynnes-based team in 2018, he joined Renault with a massive contract that propelled him to become the second-highest paid racer in the F1 grid after Lewis Hamilton. And ever since Daniel left Renault after two years to sign with McLaren, he has not been having a smooth time fitting into Zak Brown’s team.

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Zak Brown has said his opinions on Daniel Ricciardo’s recent performances were “honest”

Zac Brown, Mario Andretti
Zac Brown meets up with Mario Andretti in Miami

In the 2022 season of Formula 1, Daniel Ricciardo seems to have hit a career low with a meagre 15 points to his name at the end of nine races till now. Ricciardo, who was in the fourth position in the Championship table in 2020, is now down at the 13th spot, behind racers like Gasly, Magnussen and Bottas, who have far slower cars than the McLaren MCL36 that Ricciardo drives at the moment.

Last month, while commenting on Ricciardo’s scores, Zak Brown had said that Ricciardo had “not met our expectations.

Now, Zak Brown has commented further on the topic by saying, “They asked the question and I just gave an honest answer. I think Daniel has said the same thing. We’re here to try and get towards the front.”

We’ve got a great relationship, and I just gave an honest answer to a question of how things are going, and things could be going better.

He also said, “Daniel has shown, like he did in Monza last year, when we give him a car that suits his driving style and has pace, that he’s going to go out and lead laps and win a race. I think we need to have a car that’s a little bit more performant and user friendly, and he’ll get the job done.”

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