“We’re in discussions with Honda,” Christian Horner hopes to extend the collaboration with the Japanese manufacturer till 2023 and beyond

Honda announced its exit from F1 but has continued to support its customers.

Christian Horner
Red Bull

Red Bull’s boss Christian Horner has cleared that the team is in talks with its former engine supplier Honda for continuing the relationship between the two. Earlier, Honda decided to exit F1 but planned to serve Red Bull and AlphaTauri, its customers on the grid.

Thus, Red Bull and AlphaTauri currently use the engine from Red Bull Powertrain, the subsidiary of the brand, using the Honda engine. And Honda also looks after the supple and overall assembly for the team.

Addressing this contract lasting until the end of this season, Christian Horner said“Well, Honda have been tremendously good to us by allowing us to continue using their technology, and it’s worked well, particularly with a large regulation change with the introduction of the E10 fuel. As far as ’23, ’24, ’25 is concerned, we’re in discussions with Honda about continuing the existing relationship that we currently enjoy.”

Honda had been Red Bull’s partner for three seasons, from 2019 onwards. The two entities continue to share a great partnership. Red Bull’s cars boast the branding of HRC- Honda Racing Corporation.

What does Red Bull’s partnership with Honda in the future look like?

Honda and Redbull Livery
Honda and Redbull Livery from the 2021 Turkish GP

Honda, according to the new agreement between the two parties, will also help Red Bull in developing the new power unit that will come into play after the changes in regulations in 2026. And that’s when things can get tricky and heavy for Red Bull, as the pressure lies on them to build a powerful unit to assist its drivers.

Red Bull plans to develop the car and everything that goes into it for the season of 2026 and onwards. Christian Horner spoke of Red Bull’s plans from 2026 when the engine freeze ends, and said, “That’s certainly what we’re gearing up for in 2026. Other than Ferrari, we’ll be the only team in Formula 1, and certainly the only team in the UK, to have all the activity under one roof on one site. That’s tremendously exciting, and I think will definitely deliver a benefit.”

With great planning so far for their cars, Red Bull has less to worry about. The team has already secured Max Verstappen with a long-term contract lasting until the end of 2028. And, if they continue to enjoy Honda’s privilege, the team can be worried less about the new PU as well, and prioritize other things. 

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