“Who is Nelson Piquet,” Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian takes a stand for Lewis Hamilton, mocks F1’s incomplete and poorly-worded statement

Alexis Ohanian has given his take on the Lewis Hamilton-Nelson Piquet incident by tweeting his reply on Twitter.

As an internet entrepreneur, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian always stays on top of the current news, especially when the news concerns the business partner of his wife Serena Williams–Formula 1 racer and seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton. Now, as news broke out that former F1 Champion Nelson Piquet Sr has allegedly abused Hamilton during an interview, social media users all around the world have come out to protest against the Brazilian for passing racist comments on one of the greatest racers of all time in the history of F1. And in the middle of all this, Alexis Ohanian has tweeted out to his followers and given his take on the entire incident.

Formula 1 has always been regarded as an elitist sport and Liberty Media has been trying hard to make sure they have room for inclusivity in F1. But now, the F1 fans and other concerned people have raised their voices to bash Nelson Piquet Sr for abusing Lewis Hamilton. As the spouse to one of the greatest sportspersons in the world, Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian has felt the effect that the words of Nelson Piquet have had on the common mass, and he quickly took to Twitter to protest against the same.

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Alexis Ohanian has spoken out about Nelson Piquet’s comments on Lewis Hamilton

Nelson Piquet bashed Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Alexis Ohanian is the husband of Serena Williams, a person of colour who is also one of the most decorated tennis players of all time, and Williams is also a business partner to seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton. So, when Ohanian came to know of the scathing comments that Nelson Piquet said about Lewis Hamilton’s race and colour. In a shocking news report, it was revealed that Piquet has said, “The little black guy [Lewis Hamilton] put the car in and left because there was no way to pass two cars on that corner. He made a joke. Lucky for him, only the other one [Verstappen] got fucked up.”

In an attempt to insult Nelson Piquet publicly on Twitter, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has questioned Piquet’s existence by saying, “Who is Nelson Piquet?” And he has also added an emoji of a joker to go along with his tweet. This clearly shows that Ohanian is siding with Hamilton in this feud, and he has indicated that Nelson Piquet only made a joker our of himself by abusing Lewis Hamilton.

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