“Why would you risk having this situation?” Carlos Sainz reveals his reluctance to driving historic F1 cars

Sainz stated that he can't drive a sports car unless he has to throttle it down.

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz
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Carlos Sainz made a shocking reveal about his reluctance towards driving historical F1 cars. In the sport it has almost become a tradition about the younger generation drivers driving Cars from the older generation. Some of the most iconic cars from the old Era such as the Lotus from the 80’s, McLaren and Williams from the 90s, and Ferrari from the early 2000s are called the Classic F1 cars.

The way they are driven there aerodynamics engine and almost all the aspects compared to a modern Formula 1 car are vastly different. The absence of a power steering, for example, or a little bit of traction control makes it an absolute challenge for the younger drivers and hence driving them is a completely different experience which is loved by some. 

Many drivers are spotted driving historical cars, for example Sebastian Vettel recently drove the 1992 Championship winning Williams. At the same time Carlos Sainz revealed that he avoids driving a historical Formula 1 car for some personal reasons. According to the Spaniard, it can sometimes be a risk to drive a precious car like one of the historical cars and so most drivers do not push in those cars. 

but he believes that he cannot drive a car half heartedly and if he is behind the steering wheel of a car he has to push it.

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Carlos Sainz gives Leclerc’s example

Charles Leclerc in a recent crash at the historic Monaco GP
Carlos Sainz
Charles Leclerc in a recent crash at the historic Monaco GP

To support his statement, the Ferrari driver gave an example of Charles Leclerc, who crashed one of the historical cars during a classic race event in Monaco earlier this year, prior to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. This also led to substantial rear wing damage.

“I’m in two minds with it because why would you risk it? Like, why? You’re in the middle of a Ferrari championship-winning chance,” MotorsportWeek quotes him;

“Why would you risk having this situation like happened to him [Leclerc]?”

At the same time, Sainz also said that one doesn’t always get a chance to drive one of these classical cars, so it remains much of a confusion for him. Other examples of drivers in historic cars was a some time back, when Mick Schumacher had the chance to drive his father’s 1991 Jordan and the legendary F2004 Ferrari.

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