“You dip through moments of feeling lonely,” Daniel Ricciardo speaks about Mental Health Awareness.

Daniel Ricciardo has spoken up about being lonely during the Mental Health Awareness week, along with other members of the McLaren F1 team.

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo

As it is known, this year’s theme of Mental Health Awareness week is loneliness, and the crew in the garage of McLaren have spoken about the same.

McLaren posted the personal views of their crew on social media, saying how important it is to be concerned for their mental health, and how feelings of loneliness are natural and can be helped with. 

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“Going through the highs and lows of the sport, on top of being away from the family, you do dip through moments of feeling lonely. I try to keep positive and use this time to self-evaluate, but I think it is important to talk to your friends, stay connected with your team and be open,” stated Daniel Ricciardo, the man with the brightest smile on the grid. 

The fans have replied with wholesome comments towards the team and drivers, and people in general. Some have stated that we tend to forget that the people in the limelight themselves go through these feelings. 

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Fans show immense support on the issue with brightening Tweets.


F1 and McLaren fans have shown immense support, some of the Tweets even included personal stories, and some thanked McLaren for following up on the stigma of mental health that has been created in the society. 

It is due to teams like McLaren that people tend to think about the problems that are suppressed by the society, and it is a good job what McLaren have done. 

McLaren currently stand 4th in the constructors’ with 46 points after a rough start of the year, and Lando’s unfortunate crash in the Miami Grand Prix. 

McLaren was almost at the back of the grid, not long before having an amazing finish in the Australian GP, and scoring a few points later.

Daniel Ricciardo stands 11th with 11 points, on the other hand Lando Norris stands 7th with 35 points. 

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