“You will see when we bring the upgrade,” Guenther Steiner on Haas’ unchanged package for next two months

Haas to bring major upgrade in France after not bringing any in Barcelona.

Guenther Steiner
Guenther Steiner

Almost all the teams are bringing in new parts and upgrades for their car in the Spanish Grand Prix, but Haas are yet not to bring any upgrades, as said by the team principal, Guenther Steiner. 

Haas had a dream start this year with Kevin Magnussen in the seat, a much developed and competitive car. Haas ended the 2021 season after scoring 0 points, but with Nikita Mazepin’s departure from the team and Kevin in the cockpit, Haas have managed to score 15 points already.

The season started off well for the team, but now with other teams getting developed bit by bit, such as Red Bull, Mercedes, and Aston Martin, Haas are starting to lose their competitiveness, again. In the Spanish Grand Prix, all other teams are bringing in newer upgrades and parts, including Scuderia Ferrari, but Steiner has stated that Haas would not be bringing any upgrades until the mid of July, which would be round 12 of this year’s championship, at France. 

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“I have no idea about what updates other people are bringing, if I would know that, I would be a smart guy!

“We know exactly, we made a plan, why we do this. So we just go along with our plan, and don’t jump on what other people do, and react to it.”

“[It covers] everything; you will see when we bring the upgrade, it’s everywhere, we will make a nice package.

“I wouldn’t say everywhere, that’s exaggerated, but quite a big one, it’s not just a turning vane or something like this. It’s quite that a few changes, it’s substantial – I think for France,” Motorsport quoted Steiner. 

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Guenther Steiner confident about France upgrade. 

Guenther Steiner
Guenther Steiner

Although Haas are not bringing in any upgrade for the Spanish Grand Prix, team principal Guenther Steiner is confident that there won’t be much issues with the car and the team would not be “in pain” about this decision.

Steiner has also said that they are planning to bring up a major upgrade for the car in France in July, instead of upgrading the car slowly in bits. 

Until then, as the team principal said, they would study the car better, and understand the problems, as the major issue with the cars this year is the porpoising. Guenther also stated that they would not regret the decision of not upgrading their car for Barcelona. 

He also stated that unlike big teams, Haas have to take care of the budget, as the team faces a lot of financial issues, they have to keep in mind on how much they have to spend on the upgrades of the car.

“It’s the budget! It’s not the budget cap, it’s the budget,” Steiner said. 

With 15 points in their bag, all being scored by Kevin Magnusse, Haas stand 8th in the championship, right behind AlphaTauri with 16 points, and ahead of Aston Martin with 6 points. Kevin Magnussen stands 10th in the championship,  on the other hand Mick Shumacher is yet to score a point, and stands 19th in the championship, ahead of Nico Hulkenberg, followed by Nicholas Latifi. 

(Hulkenberg was back for 2 races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia for Aston Martin as Sebastian Vettel was out due to testing positive for COVID)

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