“F1 playing with fire in Saudi Arabia,” Damon Hill skeptical of Jeddah GP going forward after unexpected Houthi attack

Damon Hill believes that decision by FIA before the conclusion of the second meeting was nothing short of "playing with fire."

Damon Hill
Damon Hill

The 1996 Formula One World Champion Damon Hill has recently given his view on the upcoming Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and has also talked about the “drone attack” that took place just 22 km away from the Jeddah Cornich Circuit.

The former motorsports racing driver has stated that F1 is “playing with fire” by deciding to race in Saudi Arabia after the terrorist act that occurred on Friday at the nearby Aramco Oil Factory in Saudi Arabia.

F1 and the FIA met with the teams and drivers ahead of the second practice on Friday afternoon and explained the information it had been given regarding the attack that took place on the Oil Factory.

Formula One

After the meeting with the various teams, F1 CEO gave a very quick response to the waiting media and said, “We feel safe.”

The FP2 session of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix took place in the backdrop of dark grey skies of smoke and flames as the session got underway 15 minutes after the scheduled time. As the chequered flag fell on the FP2 session the various team bosses and drivers again convened for a meeting to discuss the issue further.

After the second meeting, the teams and F1 concluded that they were good to go for this Sunday’s Saudi GP. The Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff after the meeting confirmed to the media that the team principals had voted “unanimously” in favor of the Saudi Arabian GP.

Damon Hill was not a happy man after yesterday’s meeting

Damon Hill
Damon Hill

Damon Hill the former F1 driver was not happy after the first meeting of the FIA and the teams and he took to TWITTER to express his displeasure against the F1’s attempt to preserve the event before the conclusion of the second meeting.

Damon Hill wrote, “How incongruous is this?”

Nothing to be alarmed about. Race On. will be interesting to see how this is dealt with. F1 literally playing with fire.”

Damon Hill was not happy after the first meeting, however, after the conclusion of the second meeting Hill’s senses must have calmed down as Toto Wolff after the meeting indicated that the decision to go ahead as per schedule was taken by a unanimous vote.

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