Who has led the most consecutive laps in F1?

This article delves into the drivers that have led the most consecutive laps in Formula 1.

Who has led the most consecutive laps in F1?

Nigel Mansell (image via Racing Hall of Fame), Max Verstappen (image via DNA India), Ayrton Senna (image via colisuegeek.com.br)

Max Verstappen has been dominating Formula 1 in recent years. The Dutchman had led all laps of five consecutive races in 2023. However, the two-time world champion’s streak ended at the Austrian GP when Charles Leclerc inherited the lead at the Red Bull Ring. This article delves into the drivers with the most consecutive laps in the lead in F1.

Alberto Ascari tops the ranking with a whopping 305 laps in the lead consecutively. The Italian driver is considered an all-time great of the sport, and this stat further solidifies his place. Ascari accomplished this feat throughout two seasons, between the 1952 Belgian GP and the 1953 Dutch GP. Certainly, Verstappen’s domination might feel short in front of Ascari’s record.


The driver second on this list is Brazilian legend Ayrton Senna. The three-time world champion was regarded as perhaps the best in his generation. Senna achieved two of the top five most consecutive laps led in F1 history. The first came in 1988 when the Brazilian led 268 laps between the British and Italian GPs, ranking second in records. Moreover, Senna led another back-to-back 237 laps the following year between San Marino and US GPs, the fourth in the ranking.

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Max Verstappen puts himself in third place after the 2023 Austrian GP

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen (@f1/Twitter)

Verstappen continues to dominate the 2023 F1 season. The two-time world champion took the lead at the Miami GP and continued in first place for the next four rounds. Unfortunately, the Dutchman lost first place at the Austrian GP when he made his first pitstop. Max Verstappen spent 248 laps consecutively in the lead, which is the third highest in Formula 1.

Alberto Ascari305
Ayrton Senna264
Max Verstappen248
Ayrton Senna237
Nigel Mansell235

Nigel Mansell rounds up the top 5 of this list in Formula 1. The British driver was fourth until recently, when Verstappen overtook him with his current dominance. Mansell led a commendable 235 laps in the lead without any driver managing to get past. This record began at the 1992 Brazilian GP and continued till the Monaco GP that season.

Thus, this was the list for the top 5 most consecutive laps in the lead in Formula 1. Certainly, this list represents some of the all-time greats performing at their best in the sport. It remains to be seen if Max Verstappen has what it takes to eventually better his stat and perhaps defeat Albert Ascari for the top spot amidst his outstanding 2023 F1 season.

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