“This was the script” – Fans go wild as Pacers force Game 7 against Knicks at historic Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden is considered the mecca of basketball.

“This was the script” – Fans go wild as Pacers force Game 7 against Knicks at historic Madison Square Garden

Fans go wild as Indiana Pacers force Game 7 at the historic Madison Square Garden of their playoff series against New York Knicks

The Indiana Pacers welcomed the New York Knicks today with one motive. Extend the series by winning the do-or-die Game 6 of the playoffs. They did just that, running the Knicks into the ground and sending the series to a Game 7 at the famed Madison Square Garden.


The New York Knicks, on the other hand, wanted to finish the task and move to the next round. At least that was their intention in the first quarter when they finished ahead of the Indiana Pacers. Then, the Pacers, a young team led by Tyrese Haliburton that plays true to their name, staged a rally to give them a substantial lead at the half.

In later quarters, it was just a matter of playing with the right energy to keep the Knicks at bay. Jalen Brunson and his teammates looked on in the closing minutes as the Pacers won the game, pushing it to a win-or-go-home Game 7.

A situation that will put relentless pressure on both teams. More so for the Knicks, as they will have to battle fatigue and injuries to win this crucial playoff game at home. Their own fans are some of the noisiest in the entire league.

But that should only spur them on and overcome their several adversities. But the Pacers are not as exhausted and have a deeper roster. An exciting situation that is making fans go wild on social media.


New York Knicks and Indiana Pacers in a Game 7 at Madison Square Garden has netizens going wild

If the New York Knicks do put up a battle for the ages and win at the Madison Square Garden, it will be nothing short of a movie script. But if the opposite happens and the Indiana Pacers take the win, it will be fodder for those who dislike Knicks supporters. It would not be a surprise if they brought back memories of what Reggie Miller did to the Knicks almost three decades back.

No wonder fans are excited about what is in store. They had to give their opinions about the situation on social media. Check out some of their reactions below:

Two of the NBA’s most important teams are battling in respective playoff Game 7’s on Sunday. Basketball fans will have the time of their lives no matter what the outcome.

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