Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In La liga

Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In La liga

La liga is not just a football league but it is much more than that, it is an institution in itself. Many people consider it as the league where all the best players play. It is said that in order to become the best one has to play with the best.

So, these are the Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In Laliga.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo – 3

Cristiano Ronaldo among the Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In Laliga
Cristiano Ronaldo

The Evergreen Icon, a gem from Portugal who was made in England and became a legend in Spain. We are talking about the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo. He has done enough already to enter in the debate of the GOATS of the game.

Ronaldo broke many records during his career defining moments at Real Madrid. And one of those achievements came in the name of 3 Pichichis (Golden Boots). It was not at all easy because he had his eternal rival in that same league too, the Argentine genius Lionel Messi.

However, CR7 scored plenty of goals during his 9 years at the Spanish Capital and his number of goals were more than the number of matches he has played which in itself speaks about his goal scoring prowess.

4. Ferenck Puskas – 4

Ferenck Puskas among the Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In Laliga

Another entry, another Real Madrid legend. Ferenck Puskas’s legacy at the Spanish Capital couldn’t be described in mere words because he was more than just a goal scorer for his team. As he inspired a whole generation of Footballers who came after him.

He enjoyed one of the most successful careers during his prime in the 50’s and 60’s alongside the other greats like The Blonde Arrow, Alfredo Di Stefano, Paco Gento and many more. In order to honour him FIFA decided to name an award after him which is given to the player who scores the best goal of the season.

He won 4 Pichichis(Golden Boots) during his illustrious career.

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3. Alfredo Di Stefano – 5

Alfredo Di Stefano among the Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In Laliga

A list full of Real Madrid dominance, as another entry comes in the name of ‘The Blonde Arrow’ Alfredo Di Stefano. He is considered by many as the Greatest European Player Of All Time alongside Johan Cruyff. 

He has won 5 Pichichis in his legendary career and was the most important part of the Real Madrid side who won 5 consecutive European titles. A man full of greatness who has redefined the beautiful game and in that process earned the position of the Greatest Real Madrid Player Of All Time.

2. Telmo Zarra – 6

Telmo Zarra among the Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In Laliga

Telmo Zarra or ‘Telmito’ is a Spanish football legend in general. He has ruled the Spanish Top Flight during the prime time of his career. The majority of his career was spent at Athletic Bilbao where he has established himself as a legendary figure.

He held the record of most goals scored in a single La Liga season with 38 in just 30 games which took almost 60 years and a certain Cristiano Ronaldo to break the record. Zarra has served Athletic Bilbao for almost 15 seasons in which he won 1 la liga title, 6 Pichichis and 5 Copa del Rey.

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1 . Lionel Messi – 8

Lionel Messi acing the list of Top 5 Players With Most Golden Boots In Laliga

The Argentine maestro, Lionel Messi holds the record of most Pichichis by any player in the history of La Liga. Just another reason for him to be considered a strong applicant in the GOAT debate.

Lionel Messi is so much more than a Goal Scorer, he is a team player that links up play and helps the team in the build up by dropping deep into the midfield. Messi’s 8 Pichichis( Golden Boots) are just astonishing in itself.

His legacy is much more than that, He is arguably the greatest greatest player in the history of Spanish Football and probably in World Football too. Lionel Messi just like his eternal rival Cristiano Ronaldo are clearly two of the greatest players to ever kick the ball.


These were some of the players that significantly changed the history of Spanish Top Tier Competition for good and had written their names with golden letters in the history books of the beautiful game.