‘Grown Man Playing in a Teenager Body’: ESPN Analyst Heaps Massive Praise on FC Barcelona Youngster

‘Grown Man Playing in a Teenager Body’: ESPN Analyst Heaps Massive Praise on FC Barcelona Youngster

FC Barcelona has been in some outstanding form lately under the newly appointed manager and club legend, Xavi. The team is on its way back to playing some exciting football that the Camp Nou has been yearning for.

The players appear to be in top form under Xavi and Pedri has been the one who seems to be in some next-level despite his young age of 19. Fans and pundits have been in awe of Pedri’s recent form and see him as a huge prospect for FC Barcelona’s future.

ESPN pundit Craig Burley said, “Clearly, he’s not alone in this Barcelona or Spain, he’s got a football brain of somebody who has played 50-60 times for the country, probably played 300 to 400 games in their mid-twenties.

He sees everything. He has got a great picture in his mind and yeah it’s down to him.

“I think, with the arrival of Xavi he has got somebody who understands that part of the game very well. He [Xavi] was one of the best.

“So, injury-free and a little bit of luck here and there, they have got a real gem in their hands, but we know that anyway.”

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FC Barcelona manager on Xavi being the ‘biggest prospect’

Xavi and Pedri

Following FC Barcelona‘s win against Valencia in the La Liga, Xavi said that Pedri is ‘the biggest prospect in the world’ due to his unique skillset.

“He gives us a break, he doesn’t lose the ball, he’s both footed… he’s superlative,” Xavi told reporters. “What he does, how he turns, the tempo… it’s fantastic. He’s top level and he’s only 19 years old.

“He’s spectacular, and there’s no bigger prospect in the world than him. We have to pamper him. He makes the difference in the game, in the area… he wins the ball back. It’s wonderful to have him. He comes on for half an hour and is transcendent. He’s not a normal player. There are few others like him.”

Pedri has scored twice and registered one assist in 11 appearances for FC Barcelona during the 2021-22 campaign. The Spain international has worked his way back from a hamstring problem to become a key player for the club in recent weeks. He starred in last week’s 4-1 win over Napoli and as FC Barcelona qualified for the round of 16 stages of the UEFA Europa League.

The midfielder has now made 64 appearances for the Catalan giants since his arrival from Las Palmas in September 2019, scoring six goals and registering seven assists in the process.

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