Jamie Carragher says club owners won’t be forgiven if Mohammed Salah leaves

With the 0-0 draw against a 10-men Arsenal, Salah and Mane's absence was clearly felt by Liverpool at the FA Cup encounter.

Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah

Liverpool star Mohammed Salah runs out of his club contract in about 18 months and the renewal appears to be complicated. Ever since Salah made the comments regarding the renewal of his contract in an interview with GQ, manager Klopp and now pundit Jamie Carragher have viewed in with their two cents on the issue.

The 29-year-old Egypt international has a contract with the Reds running until the summer of 2023, but according to Carragher, his situation not to renew his deal yet should be a worry to the club’s supporters.

Jamie Carragher has warned Liverpool owners that they will never forgiven if they allow club legend Mohammed Salah to leave the club.

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Jamie Carragher says club owners won't be forgiven if Mohammed Salah leaves 3

“Those two players [Mohammed Salah and Mane] are obviously a big miss and this talk of Salah’s contract will probably intensify even more because when he is not there, you see the effect it has,” Carragher told Sky Sports after Arsenal’s 0-0 draw at Anfield.

“As a Liverpool supporter you should be wary that this [Salah’s contract situation] is dragging on. Other big players at Liverpool have signed contracts in the last three or four months, the goalkeeper [Alisson Becker], Trent [Alexander-Arnold], Virgil van Dijk, huge figures in this team.

“Salah wants to be paid as well as any top player in the Premier League or world football, and why shouldn’t he? He deserves that, we’re talking about one of the best players in the world.

“The problem, and the angle Liverpool may be looking at it from, is where Salah would go? The Spanish giants [Real Madrid and Barcelona] are really out of the equation now given the problems they have financially. Would Salah leave and ruin his legacy by going to Manchester City or Manchester United? Probably not, so that’s probably Liverpool’s bargaining chip.

“I would love this deal to be done as quickly as possible. You cannot forget the price Liverpool signed Salah for. It wasn’t as if they went and spent £100million, they did what they are great at and did a brilliant deal. The money they have invested in him already – transfer fee and wages – has been a snip.

“This is not a case of giving the player exactly what he wants, but Liverpool Football Club and the owners, I don’t think they would be forgiven if Salah left this club in the summer or in 18 months’ time.

“He’s a Liverpool legend, one of the greatest players the club has ever had, and it needs to be sorted sooner rather than later.”

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Liverpool feels absence of Mohammed Salah, Mane in FA Cup encounter

Arsenal vs Liverpool
Jamie Carragher says club owners won't be forgiven if Mohammed Salah leaves 4

Ahead of their FA Cup encounter against Arsenal which ended in a 0-0 draw, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp talked about the comments Mohammed Salah made regarding his contract in his recent interview . He said these interviews are really dangerous.

Salah, who is absent alongside Senegalese Sadio Mane in the African Cup of Nations at the United Nations, was absent as Liverpool failed to beat Arsenal’s 10-man squad in the Carabao Cup semi-finals on Thursday.

It was a performance that Carragher felt increased his importance for Liverpool, as well as the need to sort out Mohammed Salah’s future as a matter of urgency.

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