Looking back to the history of AC Milan and Inter Milan share the iconic San Siro

San Siro will host both the legs of Semi final of Champions League, with Inter Milan leading by 2-0.

Looking back to the history of AC Milan and Inter Milan share the iconic San Siro

The famous San Siro stadium is supposed to be demolished in 2024

The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, popularly known as San Siro, is the common stadium for both Inter Milan and AC Milan. The side will play the Derby della Madonnina in the largest stadium in Italy for the Semi Final legs of the Champion League. The Italian giants of Seria A share a common home ground since 1947. With a sitting capacity close to 80,000, the stadium happens to be the largest stadium in Italy.


The City of Milan happens to be the owner of San Siro. Both the Serie A team are the tenants, playing as common home team since 1947. Prior to 1947, San Sirro was the home ground of AC Milan for 21 years. Inter Milan played in Arena Civic, a much smaller home ground for a period of 17 years. In 1947, both teams decided to become common tenants, using San Siro as the common home ground. The tenancy gets divided among the rival clubs, along with the cost of maintenance and degradation.

It is said that the prime location of San Siro is another major reason for the teams to use it as common home ground. The location of the stadium is in the middle of the city which makes it convenient for the fans to reach the ground. The arch-rivals found no other alternative in the city as an alternative to San Siro.

In 2021, the Heritage Authority of Italy gave permission to break down San Siro. The teams are reportedly planning to start the construction of their new stadium in 2024. The new stadium would be named ‘The Cathedral’ located close to San Siro and the capital city of Milan. The cost of 2 billion pounds for the Cathedral would be shared by Inter Milan and AC Milan.


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Clubs around the world share the same Home Ground

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The iconic stadium of Stadio Olimpico was opened in 1927 is shared by AS Roma and Lazio. (credit: Twitter)

Serie A and a few other football leagues witnesses team who share the same home ground for their matches. The Serie A giants of AS Roma and Lazio follow the list right after Inter Milan and AC Milan. The 76,000-capacity stadium of Stadio Olimpico happens to be the common home ground for both rivals. The teams share the ground since its major renovation back in 1953.

The Stadio Luigi Ferraris, the oldest stadium in Italy was opened in 1911. The two teams, once again from Serie A and Serie B teams Sampdoria and Genoa share the stadium as a common home ground. The stadium was used for the purpose of the Italy World Cup in 1990. Sampdoria would probably face relegation to Serie B being placed last in the league table. On the other hand, Genoa sits in the second position in the Serie B league table.

In Brazil, The stadium of Maracana, the hosting ground of the Copa America 2021 final is the largest stadium in Brazil. The stadium used for the 2014 Brazil Olympics is the hosting ground of a major World Soccer tournament. The Brazilian club teams of Flamengo, Butafogo, Fluminense, and Vasco Da Gama share the stadium and use it as a common home ground.


With the demand in space and prime location, multiple clubs in the world share a common stadium as home ground. From San Siro to Maracana, world football has seen arch-rivals playing in the same home ground. That is probably what makes the game more beautiful with versatile emotions across the goalpost.

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