“I don’t wish it on anyone,” Real Madrid’s Luka Modric issues strict message on the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Luka Modric does not want innocent people to lost their lives because of the war, and urged that it should be stopped immediately.

Luka Modric

Real Madrid and Croatian midfielder, Luka Modric gave a damning statement on the Russia-Ukraine war situation, something which has grabbed the headlines all over the world. Russia President, Vladimir Putin has ruthlessly attacked Ukraine, causing loss of lives and property in their neighbouring country.

The footballing world have come close and together for Ukraine, demanding that the war should be stopped at all costs. Russia has borne the brunt of the footballing world, for their aggressive role in the war.

Luka Modric termed the Russia-Ukraine war as a nonsense

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Luka Modric

Luka Modric, who has himself encountered war on a personal level during his childhood days, shared his thoughts on the prospect of another war waging between the two aforesaid countries.

The 36-year old midfielder had to leave his hometown, Zadar due to the ongoing Croatian War of Independence as the country was still a part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The horror of war meant Modric spent a large part of his childhood living in a local hotel, before joining NK Zadar aged 11, and moving on to Dinamo Zagreb as a teenager.

“I grew up during war and I don’t wish it on anyone. We must stop this nonsense where innocent people die. We want to live in peace. #StopWar” wrote Luka Modric on his official Twitter account.

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