5 Most Title Winning Ligue 1 Managers

5 Most Title Winning Ligue 1 Managers

The French top tier competition, Ligue 1 is their domestic top flight league. It also comes under the top 5 European leagues in the world. However it is considered by many as one of the easiest of the strongest.

But nevertheless here are 5 Most Title Winning Ligue 1 Managers.

5. Thomas Tuchel – 2 titles

The recent Champions League winner Thomas Tuchel among the list of 5 Most Title Winning Ligue 1 Managers
Parc des Princes

The current Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel has enjoyed a good spell at the French capital with Paris Saint Germain. His contribution and impact in the Premier League has been a quick one, as he won the prestigious UEFA Champions League and UEFA Super Cup with the Blues.

And in the 2019/20 season he was the runner-up, losing to an invincible Bayern Munich. Thomas Tuchel’s contributions to PSG was widely under-appreciated during his time as their manager. However, just after he left, it was very much visible.

As the PSG dominance was ended by their rivals Lille in an extraordinary fashion. The German coach, Tuchel has played a vital role in developing a great team at the French capital.

4. Gerard Gili- 2 titles

Gerard houlier among the list of 5 Most Title Winning Ligue 1 Managers

Gerard Gili was a Marseille GK during his playing career and as a professional manager he took charge of Marseille. And he lifted the French Top Flight competition in the 1988/89 and 1989/90 season. 

He was a good coach who was influential in the success of the French club in the 90’s and established himself as an important figure in the club’s history. He has enjoyed a decent career as he was also appointed as the head coach for the Ivory Coast national team.

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3. Gerard Houllier – 3 titles 

A Legendary manager who shine at both Ligue 1 as well as Premier League clearly deserves the spot in the list of 5 Most Title Winning Ligue 1 Managers

Gerard Houllier won the Ligue 1 with two clubs i.e. PSG and Lyon. Although the difference is of 20 years in both the managerial accomplishments. Gerrard was also appreciated for his services in the English Premier League with Liverpool FC.

Where he led them to both domestic as well as European glory. He has left his mark wherever he went and most noticeably in the ligue 1 because it is not easy to win the league title with two different clubs and that too at different stages of one’s career.

2. Laurent Blanc – 4 titles

A legendary french personality who is in the list of 5 Most Title Winning Ligue 1 Managers

A former World Cup winner, Laurent Blanc have taken PSG into greater heights by winning 3 Ligue 1 titles with them. However, the astonishing element lies with his other team Bordeaux, with which he won the French Top Flight and other domestic titles as well.

He was also a former UEFA Euro winner as well with his national team France. As a player he was very versatile i.e. he played both in France and Spain. But as a manager he was more of a french league centric professional.

Nevertheless, he was instrumental in PSG’s domestic dominance and played a vital role in lifting up the image of the club at large.

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1 . Albert Batteux – 8 titles 

The greatest and the most successful coach in Ligue 1 history. Albert Batteux acing the list of 5 Most Title Winning Ligue 1 Managers

The number one spot on this list is rightfully obtained by the legendary french manager Albert Batteux. He is unarguably the most successful coach in the history of Ligue 1. His influence to the French league could very well be explained by his accomplishments.

He has also reached the European Cup Final two times which is insane. He has contributed largely to Reims because 5 out of 8 titles came in this team only. He was regarded as a very influential manager during his prime 50’s era.

It was his era in the 50’s and 60’s because he has established himself as the legendary manager in French Top Flight competition’s history.


These were the most title winning managers in the history of Ligue 1 football.