Man United’s Antony SLAMS pundits for lack of support during struggles, asserts ‘the ‘digital court’ is ruining lives’

Antony claimed the criticism by former players help in making his public image worse for the fans.

Man United’s Antony SLAMS pundits for lack of support during struggles, asserts ‘the ‘digital court’ is ruining lives’

Antony was unhappy he was not receiving any constructive criticism (Image via The United Stand)

Ever since leaving Ajax for Manchester United in the summer of 2023, Antony has had a really tough time settling in the country. In 53 appearances he has scored only 7 goals and assisted twice. He has failed to score or assist in any competition since 16th April, almost 8 months. Along with that, he had to deal with a domestic abuse case back home, with the club giving him a leave of absence. Now the Brazilian has hit out at pundits for not supporting him during his struggles. 

The winger agreed to talk to the Manchester United fan channel, The United Stand, where he talked about it in detail. He spoke about the criticism he got from Paul Scholes when he called him a “one-trick pony”.


He also spoke about Gary Neville, who called him “embarrassing” for kicking Jeremy Doku of Manchester City. Antony claimed that he’s always seen ex-players and pundits criticize him, which always gives him a negative image, but never seen them give constructive criticism which could help him. He further added that he’d never gotten even a text from them when he was struggling for the club. 

None of them have ever sent me a message to see how I am feeling, especially during this period of turbulence that I am going through. The ‘digital court’ is ruining lives – contexts are left aside, and the truth no longer matters
Antony to The United Stand

The Brazilian further added that social media has made things tougher for him, as news about him is shared without any context, claiming that the “digital court ruins lives.” Antony says he’s slowly rebuilding his life and is working on himself to cross all barriers, physical and mental. 

Antony backs manager Erik Ten Hag, says squad will improve 

Erik Ten Hag has lost the confidence of a huge share of Manchester United fans and according to reports, half of his dressing room. Although the Dutch claims he has not lost his dressing room, reports from Sky Sports suggest the players are fed up with his man-management, coaching style and tactics. 

Antony Erik Ten Hag
Antony defended his Ajax and Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag, saying he hadn’t lost the dressing room (Image via The United Stand)

Despite these reports, Antony claims the manager still has the backing of the dressing room. In the same interview with The United Stand, he says the team is very close and has great chemistry. He adds that the dressing room is very close with many being good friends. He further defended his manager, saying managing a big club like Manchester United is no easy task. 

Antony also acknowledges the loss of form, saying it happened due to the injury crisis the club has. He claims the “fundamental chess pieces” of his manager were injured. But when they returned, there would be an improvement in the squad and results. 

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