Benjamin Mendy launches ‘MULTI MILLION POUND’ lawsuit against Manchester City over UNPAID WAGES

Manchester City owes roughly 10 million in unpaid wages to former player Benjamin Mendy.

Benjamin Mendy launches ‘MULTI MILLION POUND’ lawsuit against Manchester City over UNPAID WAGES

Mendy sues Manchester City (via Sky News)

Former Manchester City fullback Benjamin Mendy is suing his ex-club for millions, claiming they wrongly cut his wages. Mendy, previously accused of rape and sexual assault but later acquitted, took the case to the Employment Tribunal. In 2021, facing charges, he was suspended by City and had payments halted in September. He spent five months remanded before his trial began in August 2022, resulting in acquittal by June 2023.

Mendy’s agent Nick De Marco in an interview with Sky Sports, claimed that the Manchester City stopped paying his wages from September 2021, till his contract expired in June 2023. Nick exclaimed that City owes Mendy an excess of 10 million in wages untill 2023.

The claim will be heard before an Employment Tribunal by 2024. Manchester City officials did not comment after being approached by multiple media outlets.

French international Benjamin Mendy became the priciest defender in the Premier League in 2017, with Manchester City shelling out a whopping 52 million to sign him from Monaco. Winning three Premier League titles with City and being part of France’s 2018 World Cup-winning team, Mendy left City in August 2021. After being cleared by the judiciary, he joined Ligue 1’s Lorient in July 2023.

Benjamin Mendy may not be able to go back to the normal life he enjoyed before the accusations

Benjamin Mendy, the former City left-back signed a two-year deal for Ligue 1 side Lorient this season, days after being cleared of rape and sexual assault. The left-back whose City contract expired in the summer, might not be able to revert to his former life.

Benjamin Mendy for Lorient FC
Benjamin Mendy for Lorient FC (via Foot01)

Mendy was arrested and jailed for a prolonged period of five months before going to trial. The accusations, followed by subsequent arrests tarnished his reputation. After he was acquitted, several players including Netherlands forward Memphis Depay and Real Madrid forward Vinicius Jr. extended their support for Benjamin on social media.

Despite his acquittal on all charges, Mendy may still struggle to shake the image portrayed of him in court and the media.

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